Yingweiteng successfully obtained TÜV's first functional safety certificate

by:V&T Technologies     2020-02-29
On June 14, TUV Nande issued the certificate of functional safety for the inverter of the series of yingweiteng Goodrive20 at the yingweiteng building in Shenzhen, mr. Dong Ruiyong, technical director of Shenzhen yingweiteng Electric Co. , Ltd. and Mr. Robert Puto, vice president of TUV South Germany Greater China Group, attended the certification ceremony. Mr. Dong Ruiyong (Right)Mr. Robert Puto (Left) With the rapid development of system integration technology, the intelligent requirements in the field of industrial control and automation are getting higher and higher, and the electrical, electronic and programmable electronic systems are becoming more and more complex, resulting in an increased risk of equipment failure, economic losses and casualties caused by equipment failure occur from time to time. In order to improve the reliability and safety of the equipment, the market began to pay more attention to functional safety. In the industries of rail transit, electric vehicles, automatic control, process control, elevator, elevator, machine tools, etc, the demand for functional safety is particularly prominent. Goodrive20 series inverter independently developed by Shenzhen yingweiteng Electric Co. , Ltd. has functions of SIL3, PLe and Cat in safety. 3 safety level, which can well meet the functional safety requirements of industrial control, elevator industry and machine tool industry. Goodrive20 Series Inverter Products are vector control platform products with powerful functions and excellent performance, which can be widely used in medium and small power occasions, such as food machinery, plastic machinery, ceramic equipment, petroleum machinery, cable equipment, air compressor, machine tool equipment, woodworking machinery, textile machinery, printing and packaging equipment, chemical equipment, environmental protection equipment, conveying equipment, etc. . Goodrive20 series inverter conforms to EN 61800-5-1:2007, EN 61800-5- 2:2016, IEC 61800-5- 1:2007, IEC 61800-5-2:2016, EN 61508-1:2010, EN 61508- 2:2010, IEC 61508- 1:2010, IEC 61508- 2:2010, EN 62061: 2005/A2: 2015, IEC 62061 (ed. 1); Am1; am2, en iso 13849- 1:2015, ISO 13849- 1: 2015 and other functional safety, EMC, electrical safety standard requirements. After six months of hard work, the Goodrive20 series inverter functional safety project team has been combing the research and development process, developing the product prototype, testing the customer's on-site Machine, certification testing and obtaining the certification certificate, it is proved that the product research and development system, production process, quality control system, material control, after-sales maintenance and other product life cycle control links of Shenzhen yingweiteng Electric Co. , Ltd. all meet the requirements of the functional safety control system, for the subsequent development of new functional safety products, accurate quality control, faster efficiency and shorter research and development cycle can be achieved, which is conducive to faster and better product introduction to the market.
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