Yingwei Teng Goodrive200A and Goodrive20 inverters officially listed

by:V&T Technologies     2020-02-19
After nearly two years of research and development and repeated verification, the high-performance open-loop vector inverter of Yingwei Teng universal Goodrive200A series and the Goodrive20 Series Mini vector inverter suitable for the low-power market are officially listed, the two new products combine yingweiteng's technology and application experience in the driving field for many years and can meet the diversified needs of the industry. New appearance, smaller volume and better performance provide better choices for end users. Goodrive200A high-performance open-loop vector inverter is a new generation of vector inverter built by yingweiteng, which can be used to control asynchronous AC induction motor. The product adopts speed-sensorless vector control technology which is completely synchronized with the current international leading technology, uses DSP control system, and strengthens the reliability of the product and the adaptability of the environment, with more optimized functions, the application is more flexible and the performance is more stable. Product features: 1. Excellent open-loop vector performance, good voltage and current control, effectively providing a variety of protection functions; 2. It has the functions of simple water supply, power failure without stopping, various braking modes, simple PLC, multi-stage speed, PID control, etc; 3. Rich peripheral terminal interfaces, powerful products, strong applicability and wide application in the industry; 4. The product has passed CE certification, excellent EMC characteristics, and the product is reliable and stable; 5. The whole series of built-in 485 communication, support a total of DC bus, less than 30KW standard built-in brake unit; 6. Independent air duct design, a variety of installation methods, easy to operate, can be maintained and protected. Small and extraordinary Goodrive20 Series Mini universal vector inverter is another Mini product promoted by Yingwei Teng after Goodrive10 Series Mini economical inverter was widely recognized by the market. It adopts international leading vector control algorithm, with excellent control performance, the product is compatible with wall-mounted and rail-mounted installation methods, smaller in volume than Goodrive10 series, saving installation space, and is a high-performance Mini product for low-power markets. 12 Next Page>
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