Why can't the inverter use the leakage protector?

by:V&T Technologies     2019-11-16
In life and production, leakage switches are often used, but frequency converters are sometimes used less. When installing switches in workshops, most manufacturers often use leakage switches as main switches. When frequency conversion control is used, the problem is revealed, and tripping will always occur after the leakage switch is used for a period of time. Personal experience is that when installing a machine with a inverter, it is necessary to eliminate leakage or use a plastic casing circuit breaker separately to avoid the switch tripping. Cause wrong action! The leakage current of 30 mA cannot be used on the frequency converter. 100mA leakage current cannot be used to protect personal safety. The main reason is that the leakage current of the inverter will cause the inverter to malfunction. If leakage current must be installed, select 100mA to prevent line insulation from being damaged due to fire. When using the inverter, do not use the leakage protector. This is the main principle of using the inverter. Some customers will select the corresponding leakage protector for the Inverter when using the inverter. The final result is that the inverter will move together, the leakage protector will run, and the system will not run at all. Why? The principle of the leakage protector is that the zero-stage current is zero. When using the inverter, the zero-stage current cannot be zero. The output side of the inverter is the pwm wave. There is a long cable capacitance effect between the motor cable and the ground. The capacitance effect is more obvious when using a cable with a shielding layer. When the inverter is working, the capacitor is charged and discharged, and a current flows into the Earth through the capacitor, and then the inverter returns from the ground wire on the inlet line to form a current loop. If the inlet side uses a leak protector, it will play a role in cutting off the system. So, don't match your inverter with a leakage protector. If you want to ensure safety, do a good job of grounding equipment.
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