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Where is the road of China VFD industry in 2018--05th Dec, 2017


Compared to developed countries, China's inverter industry started late. In the seventies and eighties of the last century, the reliability of inverters developed in China was poor, and the technology basically relied on imports. More than a decade later, Chinese enterprises only realized the role of frequency converters, followed by the constant deepening of their understanding of frequency converters and the entry of a large number of foreign products, which enabled China's frequency converter market to start rapidly.

Inverter wide range of applications

The mid-1980s, China's annual sales of inverters only tens of millions of yuan, almost all foreign brands, the 20th century, 90's, the inverter was able to large-scale access to China, air-conditioning, elevators, metallurgy, machinery, electronics , Petrochemical, paper, textile and other industries have a very broad application space. And four trillion investment "stimulus, the market continues to expand the application area, more and more diverse user-end makes makes more than 10 years after 2010 and 2011, China's inverter market ushered in the spring.

However, the good news is not long, but in 2014 it started to decline. In 2015 it was a "winter". It is understood that both foreign investment and domestic enterprises are not immune to the pressure in China's inverter market in 2015 due to the "new normal" in China's economy, tighter investment, overcapacity, sluggish demand and declining exports. Unfortunately, this year's market pressure did not ease much, then 2018 China inverter industry where the road?

Early planning layout, intelligent upgrade of inverter products

Recalling the development of China's inverter industry, large-scale foreign-owned enterprises to seize the beach in China, made a lot of fruitful efforts in the localization. Precisely because of the early reliance on imports and the large-scale introduction of foreign technologies, the large-scale and well-funded foreign companies dominate the market in our country. The concept of preconceived foreign brands in the market is very deep. In contrast, the strength of China's inverter supporting industries is relatively weak, domestic brands in terms of technology, manufacturing, industrial design, financial strength, there are some gaps with foreign brands.

Most of the local enterprises have not been established for a long time. Many products enter the market for a short time and are hard to contend with international famous brands in product maturity and brand awareness.

Enterprises should take advantage of the advent of the Industrial 4.0 era. Drives will be well positioned to enhance the energy-saving effect of wind turbines and plan the layout well in advance. The goal of the products will be networked and intelligentized to keep pace with the times. Future inverters must integrate Industrial Ethernet protocols and web servers to allow plant operators to access device information, locally or remotely, through smartphones, tablets or other wireless devices for real-time online data, enabling a wide range of built-in intelligent services Features. Only in the future can help customers save labor costs and improve production line efficiency and manufacturing accuracy and efficiency of the products can be more competitive.

Drive innovation and promote the high-end and continuous development of the inverter industry.
Innovation is worthwhile for the inverter industry. Frequency converter industry to take the road of energy saving and environmental protection, attack the high-end market can not do without innovation, technical innovation, product innovation, cooperation and innovation.

At present, in developed countries, as long as there is a motor occasion, there will be a frequency inverter at the same time. Foreign major brands of inverter manufacturers, have formed a series of products, the control system has also been fully digital. Almost all of the products have vector control functions, improve the level of technology is also a major feature of foreign brands. Only frequency changer is widely used in various industries, in order to create huge economic benefits.

For example, foreign inverter brands, Siemens has an absolute market position is because of constant innovation and improve the inverter power device manufacturing technology, such as IGBT, IGCT, SGCT, etc., continue to occupy the inverter-related industries and industries. Not only that, Siemens also innovative cooperation model. In recent years, it has actively explored business models that share the risk with customers. Equipment financing lease, contract energy management and so on. It is reported that these methods have already begun to implement, and fruitful. However, this approach may be more suitable for some strong business.

Focus on new industries, grasp the trend in time and seize opportunities in future markets.

In 2018, the inverter industry will continue to face the new normal of economic development. The tasks the country faces are going to inventory, production capacity, deleveraging, lowering costs and making up for shortcomings, and transforming from capacity expansion to technological innovation. Traditional steel, cement and other industries to the new industry transformation. In the meantime, fields such as new energy, nuclear energy and other energy industries such as railways, water, waste gas treatment, sewage treatment, environmental protection equipment and food and beverage will all be the sunrise industries that may emerge in the future. Enterprises need timely analysis of market trends, seize market opportunities. When the traditional industries are hard to stand up, it is not necessarily a good thing to change their way of thinking and to find a way out in the new "continent."

According to the characteristics of the inverter products and the habit of using the inverter in China, tailor-made customer systems can timely and effectively understand the dynamics of their products and solve problems in time. As the new market gradually weakens the driving force, the stock market will start to increase the proportion of the reform. Although metallurgy, mining, cement and other industries are saturated or even surplus, there are still many energy-saving opportunities in these existing stock markets. In any case, the year 2018 will be a crucial year for China's industrial restructuring and upgrading. We must endure the "new normal" of the Chinese economy, and the pressure of change from the Internet to the traditional manufacturing industries will also have to be met. China is in a new era of manufacturing in China, and both opportunities and challenges coexist. Perhaps foreign-funded enterprises dominate the inverter market in our country for many years, but many of our country's state-owned enterprises continue to enhance themselves and get a chance of survival in the cracks. This is hope. In the face of the challenges under the current situation, our enterprises should be more arrogant and impulsive, humbly learned to calmly grasp the market trend and adjust the strategic layout in a timely manner to innovate this "sword" to defeat their rivals and become the localization of the inverter industry. International winner.

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