Where is the 'new normal' economic downconverter industry?

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-01
On 2015, China's inverter industry officially entered the second 30 years and entered the second development era. As the bridgehead of energy conservation and emission reduction, the inverter industry will probably be right in 2015. New normal' The feeling is more sensitive and intense, with the pressure of economic downturn, the pressure of industrial re-layout based on technological breakthroughs, and the ever-changing market demand pressure transmitted by terminal consumption. How to'New normal'Down to find out the contrarian'Tuyere' , I'm afraid it is the most concerned by every inverter industry. Where is the inverter industry? What can we rely on to forge ahead? ' Only reformers advance, only innovators are strong, but reform innovators win' This judgment of Xi Da is not only a summary of social civilization, but also the driving force for China's development in the future. Since it was put forward at the APEC meeting in 2014, the connotation and extension of innovation-driven has been continuously enriched and deepened. Now as'Made in China 2025'The main line will point to the goal of an industrial power. Innovation will be the most important and only driving force for us: the difficulties faced by Chinese manufacturing are complex and diverse, the low-end industry has overcapacity, the high-end industry has backward core technology, and the situation is not high and not competitive. This situation must be changed to truly realize transformation and upgrading! What? Rely on innovation! This innovation should not only think narrowly that technological innovation should have a wider scope and a deeper degree. The first is to break the shackles in concept and recognize all kinds of'Impossible'One-to-one flexible verification; Cross-border integration is more prominent, and the boundaries of various industries are gradually blurred from the internet and big data, including the integration of ideas, the subversion of models and the reset of resources; To truly be people-oriented, a large number of engineers and technicians accumulated in the inverter industry are the most valuable wealth of the industry. How to tap this wealth also requires innovation. In the process of transformation, China's economy will face the four major pains of de-productivity, de-bubble, de-leverage and decontamination. How can it be realized? The answer is still innovation! 2015, let's get together to'Innovation' For the Soul, discuss the innovative driving mode of inverter industry. Let's uphold the concept of innovation, honesty, cooperation and win-win, and tap experts and scholars, enterprise giants, engineering design, typical users, industry organizations, tripartite platforms, etc. 'Innovation' Each node of the ecological circle will create a healthy and benign chain and offer suggestions for industrial upgrading and transformation.
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