What is the use of frequency converters in the water supply industry?

by:V&T Technologies     2019-11-15
At present, traditional fans and pumps rely on regulating valves to control flow. In fact, this regulation method is very inconvenient to operate, can not guarantee a constant water supply pressure, and has poor energy saving effect. At present, most factories and enterprises realize that the application of frequency converters does reduce energy consumption. The cost is saved, especially the high-power fan, which has a significant energy saving effect on the water pump. The control mode can start and stop through the touch screen panel and a set of operations, and adjust the current operating frequency, speed, voltage, pressure, time and running motor fault alarm of the display. After the signal is sent to the PID control unit, according to the pressure transducer, 4- The 20mA signal goes to the frequency converter to ensure the PID operation of the difference between the set values of the constant output pressure feedback signal. Summary 1) The energy-saving transformation of suowei inverter water pump has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient transformation, obvious energy-saving effect and short payback period. 2) After using the frequency converter, the water pump can be shut down softly, reducing the mechanical impact of the equipment, prolonging the service life of the equipment and reducing the maintenance cost of the equipment. . 3) When the average speed of the pump drops, the average torque is reduced during operation, resulting in blade wear and impeller wear. Maintenance costs, labor, and production losses are greatly reduced. The inverter has been successfully applied to water conservancy, sewage treatment, fire protection, mining machinery and other industries.
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