What is the difference between a five-phase stepping motor and a two-phase motor?

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-27
What is the difference between two-phase and five-phase stepping motors? Five-phase stepping motor is relatively small, unless the application requirements are very high, five-phase stepping motor can be selected, and two-phase stepping motor is used in most cases. If you still don't understand, it is recommended to look at this article about stepping motors. For synchronous motors of the same size, the 5-phase ones will be more accurate than the 2-phase ones. The Lord also depends on the size of its step angle. The smaller the angle, the more accurate it is. Torque is related to speed, so you have to calculate their total power first. If you only refer to the torque on the motor shaft, the big point of the five phases. Inductor stepping motor 1. Features: compared with the traditional reaction type, the rotor of the inductor type is structurally equipped with permanent magnets to provide the working point of soft magnetic materials, however, the stator excitation only needs to provide a changing magnetic field and does not need to provide the energy consumption of the working point of the magnetic material, so the motor has high efficiency, low current and low heat generation. Due to the existence of permanent magnets, the motor has strong back potential and its own damping effect is better, which makes it relatively stable, low noise and low frequency vibration during operation. To some extent, the inductor type can be regarded as a low-speed synchronous motor. A four-phase motor can run in four phases or two phases. (Must be driven by bipolar voltage)However, reactive Motors cannot. For example: four-phase, eight-phase operation (A-AB-B-BC-C-CD-D-DA-A)It is completely possible to use the two-phase eight-beat operation mode. It is not difficult to find that the condition is C =, D =. The internal winding of a two-phase motor is exactly the same as that of a four-phase motor. A low-power motor is generally directly connected to a two-phase motor, while a motor with higher power can flexibly change the dynamic characteristics of the motor for convenience of use, often its external wiring is eight leads (Four-phase) When used in this way, it can be used as a four-phase motor and can be used as a two-phase motor winding in series or in parallel. 2. Classified induction sub-motors can be divided into two-phase motors, three-phase motors, four-phase motors, five-phase motors, etc. Based on the base number (Motor outer diameter)Can be divided into: 42BYG (BYG is the induction stepping motor code) , 57BYG, 86BYG, 110BYG ,(International Standard) , And like 70BYG, 90BYG, 130BYG, etc. are domestic standards. Related reading: What kind of stepping motor is hybrid stepping motor? Closed-loop stepping motor TAG five-phase stepping motor
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