What is the cause of the inverter motor burning?

by:V&T Technologies     2019-11-10
The inverter and the motor are high-power electrical appliances. The current passes through the line. Due to the existence of resistance, according to Joule's law, thermal effect and heat will occur. The large current will be relatively large, and how many will have heat, it is generally considered that hot hands are uncomfortable. If you feel very hot, you should deal with it in time. Pay attention to the correctness of the selection. The motor is the core of the equipment operation and can meet the power supply of almost any load. When designing equipment selection, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the torque and power required for the load in order to select the appropriate motor power and torque. If the capacity of the selected motor is small, it is equivalent to a small carriage. Of course, the motor itself is overloaded. Working in the working state itself can cause serious fever. Similarly, if the specification of the converter is also very small, if the converter passes through a current higher than the rated current for a long time, it will be seriously heated and will soon burn out. The choice is small and can only be replaced by a larger model. This is a hard requirement. There is no shortcut and it must be handled in time, even if you remove the existing second-hand sales better than continue to use them, after all, there is still a problem, but delaying production or some explosions or fire accidents caused by heating and other problems is a big deal. Some loads do not seem heavy, but need to start and stop frequently. In this case, the power used needs to be amplified, otherwise the above problems will be faced. Equipment and load problems, in the mechanical equipment or load, if an abnormal situation occurs, such as the gear or bearing of the transmission mechanism is broken, the resistance will increase, and the output of the motor will also increase. In some serious cases, motor stall may occur. At this point, the current will be very large, although most converters will cause overload. Traffic causes alarm shutdown, but there are also some key conditions, or incorrect setting of inverter protection parameters, which may cause abnormal phenomena such as heat generation. Of course, this situation should be resolved from mechanical equipment and load. For example, the inverter controls some hydraulic pumps or blower, etc. Due to dirty and curved pipes, the motor resistance is large and the inverter current is too large, all of which need to be cleaned in time. If the inverter and the motor itself are used for a long time, it cannot be ruled out that the insulation performance is not good or the bearing is stuck, and the motor itself may be heated by a large current. The shaft between the motor and the load may also wear out, or the motor is unbalanced in three phases, the motor clamp is loose, etc. , which may cause abnormal sound and heat. Some parts of the inverter are aging, or the vector parameters match the motor, or the parameters such as torque increase are too large, or the acceleration and deceleration time is too short, and the frequency of the inverter is too small, which may cause the motor and the inverter to heat at the same time. The connection line between the motor and the inverter cannot be too long, otherwise attenuation and waveform distortion will occur. If you want to use it, it should also be used with a dedicated inverter and reactor. For some occasions where fast braking is required, the appropriate braking resistance and brake unit accessories should be selected according to the braking power. Long-term working low frequency state, generally not suitable for the motor to work below 8 HZ, even if the vector control inverter also try to avoid this use, mainly in the low frequency state, the waveform distortion is serious, the sine wave gap is too far, the motor has poor working performance, and the torque is seriously attenuated and heated. It can be achieved by increasing the transmission ratio and then increasing the frequency of the inverter output. If you have to be in a low frequency state for a long time, you can use a dedicated frequency conversion motor or cool the motor by forced air cooling or even water cooling. Optimized use environment in the past, economic conditions were not good. Many small factories do not have independent control rooms designed. Even if there is a control room, they do not have air conditioning installed in the control room. Now the situation is very good. Sensors and other devices can be installed in the controller with air conditioning so that the temperature of the sensor is in the best state and it is not easy to heat. Since measures such as dust reduction extend the service life, careful calculation is a better investment.
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