What brand of Shenzhen two-phase stepping motor is good?

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-06
Shenzhen ruite electromechanical Technology Co. , Ltd. was established in 2015 and is a research and development, production and sales provider of stepping motor products. What is the difference between servo motor and stepping motor? First, stepping motor and servo motor have different control modes. Stepping motor controls the rotation angle by controlling the number of pulses. One pulse corresponds to one step angle, but there is no feedback signal, the motor does not know exactly where it went, and the position accuracy is not high enough. The servo motor also controls the number of pulses. Every time the servo motor rotates at an angle, it will send out a corresponding number of pulses, and the driver will also receive the feedback signal, compared with the pulse received by the servo motor, the system will know how many pulses are sent to the servo motor and how many pulses are received at the same time, so that the rotation of the motor can be accurately controlled, so as to realize accurate positioning, which can reach 0. 001mm. Second, stepping motors with different overload capacity generally do not have overload capacity. AC servo motor has strong overload capability. Taking Pierre magnetic AC servo system as an example, it has speed overload and torque overload capabilities. The maximum torque is 3 times of the frontal torque, which can be used to overcome the inertial torque of the inertial load at the moment of startup. Stepping motors cannot work with stepping motors in some workplaces because they do not have this overload capability. Third, stepping motors with different speed response performance accelerate from rest to working speed (Generally hundreds of revolutions per minute)Need 200 ~ 400 ms. The acceleration performance of AC servo system is good. Taking Pierre magnetic AC servo motor as an example, it accelerates from rest to its rated speed of 3000 r/min. With only a few MS, it can be used for control stations that require fast start-stop and high position accuracy. Hybrid Stepping Motor is a stepping motor designed by combining the advantages of permanent magnet and reactive type. It is divided into two phases, three phases and five phases, and the stepping angle of the two phases is generally 1. 8 degrees, three-phase stepping angle, generally 1. 2 degrees, while the five-phase step angle is generally 0. 72 degrees. Hybrid stepping motors are divided into two phases, three phases and five phases: the stepping angle of two phases is generally 1. 8 degrees and the five-phase step angle is generally 0. 72 degrees, Hybrid Stepping Motor with phase number (Number of electrified windings) The stepping angle is reduced and the precision is improved. This stepping motor is most widely used. Hybrid Stepping Motor combines the advantages of reactive stepping motor and permanent magnet stepping motor: The polar logarithm is equal to the number of rotor teeth and can change in a large range according to needs; Winding inductance changes little with rotor position, which is easy to realize optimal operation control; Axial magnetized magnetic circuit, using a new type of permanent magnet material with high magnetic energy product, is conducive to the improvement of motor performance; Rotor magnet provides excitation; There is no obvious oscillation in the whole operation area. TAG stepping, motor, two phases
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