What are the classifications and uses of stepper motor drivers?

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-10
What are the classification and uses of stepping motor drivers? The last time I explained what a driver was to the stepping motor manufacturer, today the sharp motor manufacturer explained the classification and use of stepping motor drivers to everyone, stepping Motor drivers are used to drive stepping motors, which people in the industry know, but not everyone knows the classification of stepping motor drivers. Let's scientifically popularize the classification of stepping motor drivers. After sorting out and summarizing various query data, it is concluded that the classification of stepping motor drivers mainly includes: Classification of stepping motor drivers 1. Single voltage power stepping motor drivers; 2. Dual voltage power stepping motor driver; 3. High and low voltage power stepping motor driver; 4. Chopper constant current power stepping motor driver; 5. Boost frequency boost power stepper motor driver; 6. Integrated Power stepping motor driver. The above is the classification of stepper motor drivers, stepper motor drivers, technical points, stepping motors are widely used in CNC machine tools, computer embroidery, packaging machinery, engraving machines, winding machines, XYZ three-dimensional worktables, medical equipment and other industries; Stepping Motor driver is only used to drive stepping motor. It can be classified as follows: 1. From the driving type, there are constant voltage driving, constant current gradual wave driving PWM pulse width modulation driving, bipolar constant current chopping mode 2. From the subdivision type, there are: from 2 subdivision to 256 subdivision; And the number of pulses per revolution of the motor = subdivision * 200; 3. From the current type, the maximum current can reach 8A. 4. According to the categories of drive motors, there are: two-phase motor drivers, three-phase motor drivers, five-phase motor drivers, and various stepping motor drivers developed and produced by ruite electromechanical company. Welcome to discuss and cooperate with me: related reading: Motor Manufacturer: which elements need to be considered in stepping motor selection stepping motor driver faq tag stepping motor driver
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