Weidmüller TERM series relay module

by:V&T Technologies     2020-02-16
Electromagnetic relay is a common isolation element in electrical automation. Thanks to this, the application of this product is also constantly changing and increasingly diversified. When developing TERM series electromagnetic relays and Solid State Relays, weidmüller has always been aiming at ensuring the high practicability of the products. Depending on your specific needs, you can choose the product version of the fixed voltage input or the variable voltage input. It uses a 6mm compact terminal design solution. From high-quality design-no sharp edges-a variety of product versions with screw and shrapnel connections, to include additional functions such as State display under difficult observation conditions-our products embody practical development concepts. The symmetry of the product shape means that it can be installed in any direction. Allow a variety of cross-linking modes, and even cross the baffle to ensure flexible adaptation to various special requirements. In this way, the pre-assembled plug-and-play solution with the TERM series interface converter can minimize your wiring workload. The converter adopts a uniform size, and the TERM series products used with it also have the same outline.
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