'Wah' rushes out a slice of the world in the field of industrial automation

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-08
Very cow, huawei ren zhengfei, is great, but China is not only a huawei and ren. Especially for investors in a-share, huawei is not listed, we will not be able to share his success and innovation dividend, this is very regrettable thing. But there is one company, he founded by ren zhengfei, disciples, perfect spirit in the tradition of huawei, than huawei was born 17 years later, still in the bud into the capital market, you can witness he process step by step, how to become a great company. 1 will often 'winter' of huawei, ren zhengfei, hanging in the mouth, it is because he really had a pinch. Huawei today very scenery, but also experienced numerous times in the process of growth of life and death. The most difficult one in around 2000. At that time, it is the southeast Asian financial turmoil after the downturn, the investment of 2 g communication equipment cycle is over, 3 g investment have been slow to start, huawei is a medium-sized company, overseas business accounted for less than 5%, and faced with the fierce price war and zte, profit margins have declined. In the face of the left without crisis, how to do? Ren chose brokeback survival. In 2001, huawei's electrical business units to sell American Emerson electric, 6 billion yuan funds raised a success, through the cold winter. The disaster, but inadvertently created another inherits the spirit of huawei's new company. In 2003, former director of huawei electrical product line Zhu Xingming departure, leave and the company's more than a dozen people team together. The company is inovance technology. The graph Zhu Xingming 2, a lot of people said that huawei is a company with values, each huawei has distinctive temperament of 'huawei'. This is not fake. About huawei's culture, most people can think of is the cot, the floor, 'Wolf culture' night to work overtime. But this is only surface. The kernel of huawei's culture, considered to king's landing heavily on research and development, going on the core technology, set up by strong technical threshold. Such as 5 g communication technology, such as mobile phone chips, we all know that is very difficult, but huawei still put high r&d costs to research difficult, this is forging a great enterprise. This kind of style and those who cried out, 'it is with the industry as own duty', but success is built on marketing spending there is a traditional company. Inovance technology has good inherited the culture of huawei. We see inovance the r&d investment amount. All the year round to maintain at about 10%, and huawei is similar. Also because of the huge spending on research and development, to support its revenue in the seven times seven years of growth. 5%, can be said to be at all technical paranoia. Is, therefore, gross margin is a perennial inovance technology remain at around 50%. In the field of the real economy, of less than 20% of the gross profit margin is the norm, can achieve 50% gross margin of high-quality companies, A shares does not see more. Inovance core technologies 'motor controller and the servo system', as the mobile phone chips, the car's engine, in the field of industrial automation in a key position, its wide application potential in, enough to create a great company. The next page > 123
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