Various out-of-step phenomena of screw stepping motor

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-20
Many people say that the lead screw stepping motor is out of step. In fact, there are many mechanical reasons: for example, the lead screw bearing is not installed well, the lead screw is worn, the guide rail is worn, etc. can make the machine forbidden, there is also the quality of the Origin switch, which directly affects the accuracy. I have encountered the phenomenon of contention in the program I wrote. Maybe it is a technical problem. After the processing is completed, the program can sometimes run the processing program back and forth, and the back-to-Origin program is not connected. In this way, accumulated errors were directly formed, and this problem was discovered only after long-term monitoring. This kind of situation often occurs in the machines that distribute indexing. I saw a lot of accumulated mistakes in the forum. I think many situations are the jobs I met. The screw stepping motor is generally said to be able to reach 600 revolutions, but in fact it cannot reach this speed. The manufacturer said it is 600 revolutions, and it is good to reach 500 revolutions during use. Under normal circumstances, the machine can rotate to 500 revolutions, which is actually very fast. No matter how fast it is, it may be blocked. The motor is like the same sound that is stuck. This is because the speed is too high and the motor cannot turn. The treatment method for this phenomenon is: 1. Decrease the highest operating frequency; 2. Increase the acceleration and deceleration time; 3. Decrease the starting frequency; 4. Raise the subdivision by one gear. The speed of the stepping motor is inversely proportional to the torque. The faster the speed, the smaller the torque. Of course, this is very important in the selection of models, not in the pony cart. It doesn't matter if the model is bigger. If it is smaller, it may not work. Most of the out-of-step motors are small, and the machinery is too heavy, forming the phenomenon of small horses pulling large cars. Under normal circumstances, the stepping motor drive signal pulse is mostly 24V string 2K resistor. The general manufacturer recommends a resistance of 1. 8K ~ 2 K. In fact, I have measured that the pulse voltage is only 2 when the resistance is 2 K. 2 V. Later, I chose 1. 5K resistance. This problem was obtained through my practice, and there was also a motor that did not go smoothly. After checking many local places, I did not find the reason. Later, I changed a resistor. Under normal circumstances, the optocoupler can accept 24 V, especially when there is no resistance, it can also be used directly. Of course, it is better to install a resistor. If the screw stepping motor has inertia due to excessive load, this situation is mostly too far. The inching command is forbidden, especially when it is used to move back to the original point, which is a big mistake. The start and stop of the point is a complete 90 degree right angle. The start and stop is equivalent to a sudden brake. Therefore, the back-to-origin command must still be used. The motor current should not be adjusted to extra current, generally one gear is smaller, and for extra 6A, it should be adjusted to 5. 5A is enough. The torque at this time is enough and the temperature will not be very high. Although the stepping motor can reach 80 degrees, the temperature is too high, which still affects the magnetic field. TAG screw stepper motor
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