Variable speed drive sales will exceed $250 in 2020

by:V&T Technologies     2020-02-26
According to the latest report released by Technavio, the global variable speed drive market will develop at a compound annual growth rate of 8% by 2020 and its market value will reach 253 US dollars by 2020. According to the analysis, the reason for the prosperity and development of the market lies in the optimization of production process and the need to reduce operating costs by monitoring energy consumption. The report divides the global drive market into three main parts, namely AC drive, DC Drive and servo drive. The report also pointed out that in 2015, Exchange Drive dominated the market, accounting for more than 84% of total revenue. During the forecast period, the dominant position of communication drive will continue. In terms of application, pump control is the most frequently used AC drive. AC drives can reduce the energy consumption of high capital and infrastructure spending industries such as metals and mining, oil and gas industry, cement manufacturing industry, paper making industry, power generation industry, wind power generation industry, sewage treatment industry and shipping industry. It is reported that the advantages of using variable speed drive include: energy can be saved in fan and water pump applications; Achieve better process control and system regulation; Better speed up or slow down the equipment; Reduce maintenance costs. In addition, the variable speed drive also has the functions of power factor compensation, safe acceleration, overload current prevention and emergency bypass. ' The demand for industrial automation is one of the important driving forces for the growth of the global variable speed drive market. ' Anju Ajaykumar, chief analyst of Technavio tools and components, said,' More and more manufacturers have to adopt automation to improve quality, safety, productivity and the speed of various operations. In addition, automation also helps them to enhance market competitiveness and reduce costs. 'Fuji motor French- VG drives, the report said, the changing needs of end users have also stimulated suppliers to develop advanced drives. Report to Fuji Motor's French-VG drive as an example. The driver uses dual processors, doubling the process processing capability of the control algorithm. The response speed of the starter is 600Hz, which is 6 times faster than that of the previous model of Fuji motor. The use of pulse production card can enhance the torque accuracy and quick freezing control accuracy. (Text/Moon translation)
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