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V&T participated in the elevator exhibition successfully


From August 18th to August 21st, 2020, the four-day China International Elevator Exhibition 2020 came to an end in Shanghai. V&T brought a variety of advanced motor control products, system components and mature solutions in the elevator field to the event, presenting a technological feast to the audience, and was well received by many people in the industry.


The 2020 China International Elevator Exhibition is a grand event that connects the world's elevator industry also show vigorous vitality of the elevator industry to the world with high quality and high level.

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Elevator industry leaders and guests conduct a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the 2020 China International Elevator Exhibition


This exhibition was very popular, and many guests came from all over the country and showed strong interest in V&T elevator controller products and solutions.


As a major supplier of parts and components in the elevator industry, V&T runs through the exhibition with the theme of "Intelligent Drive, Safer Elevator Operation". With "AIEC3300 Elevator Integrated Controller" and "Elevator Internet of Things" as the core exhibits, it comprehensively demonstrated various technologies in the elevator application field, presented a technological feast for customers and audiences, and was well received by many people in the industry.


news-VT Technologies-VT participated in the elevator exhibition successfully-img

news-VT participated in the elevator exhibition successfully-VT Technologies-img

2020 The 14th China International Elevator Exhibition, V&T exhibition area.


The AIEC 3300 elevator integrated controller and related system components draw on V&T technical accumulation in the fields of motor control core algorithms, Internet of Things technology, industrial automation and new energy vehicle motor control. The products are safe and reliable, compact, simple to debug, also high cost performance and other characteristics.

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V&T Smart Elevator Internet of Things


V&T professional technical engineers guided the visit throughout the whole process and shared the company's advanced intelligent control technology in the elevator industry such as ordinary passenger elevators, villa elevators, freight elevators and sightseeing elevators. Many live audiences and customers who pay attention to and support V&T have a close experience of V&T strength in the elevator control field.


Relying on its reliable and mature products and experience in professional field, V&T provides more innovative solutions for new elevator matching, old elevator upgrading, old building retrofitting and home elevators to meet the needs of different customers and contribute to the sustainable development of the elevator industry.


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news-VT participated in the elevator exhibition successfully-VT Technologies-img-1

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news-VT Technologies-VT participated in the elevator exhibition successfully-img-2

⬛ For V&T ( Part of Electric Vehicle Motor Controller )

Founded in 2006, V&T is a well-known supplier of industrial automation control and new energy vehicle motor controllers, also a national high-tech enterprise. Headquartered in Shenzhen, it was successfully listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange's Growth Enterprise Market in 2016 (stock code: 300484).


The company has more than ten years of technology accumulation and rich industry application experience. It has established “Research Center of Guangdong New Energy Vehicle Drive and Control Engineering Technology”(provincial engineering center) and a post-doctoral innovation practice base. With two R & D centers in Shenzhen city and Wuxi city, It is based on independent technology research development and product innovation, keeping up with the world's advanced level. The main drive motor controller, auxiliary drive electronic control and all-in-one integrated electronic control, customized products series etc, realize the best matching of electric vehicle power system and vehicle system, also covers application requirements of commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles, special vehicles. They provide customers with excellent electric control system solutions for Battery electric vehicles, extended range vehicles, fuel cell vehicles to create more value.


The company enjoys high customer’s trust and industry reputation, and directly or indirectly serves dozens of well-known domestic new energy vehicle companies, such as FOTON, SUNWIN, DONG FENG, KING LONG, HIGER, SANY, ZOOMLION, GOLDEN DRAGON, ANKAI, XCMG MACHINERY, SKYWELL, CAMC, SHAANXI AUTOMOBILE etc.


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