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V&T is honored as China Post-Doctor degree Base


Recently, the Shenzhen Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau approved 75 units including V&T to set up a post-doctoral innovation practice base.


The establishment of the post-doctoral innovation practice base is the result of V&T's long-term adherence to technological innovation and emphasis on research and development. It is also a breakthrough in the construction of a high-level innovative talent platform. V&T builds high-end research laboratories and technology centers, and uses post-doctoral innovation practice bases to promote the cooperation with universities and research institutes to create conditions for the company to introduce high-level technical talents and cultivate and enhance research capabilities.


V&T will take this opportunity of deploying the post-doctoral practice and innovation base, make full use of the post-doctoral innovation and practice base platform, deepen the cooperation between industry, university and research institute, strengthen the construction of R & D team and R & D capabilities, promote the transformation of scientific research results, and implement the company's scientific and technological innovation Drive strategy, further enhance the company's core competitiveness, and establish sustained industry technology effect.

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