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V&T has obtained IP68 certification ​


The protection level of new energy vehicles is generally IP67, while the integrated controller of V&T company has reached IP68, which means it is an "invincible" state. So what does IP68 stand for?


V&T electric motor controller has passed inspection by the third-party professional


Recently, Another brand-new V&T electric vehicle motor controller was born. With reference to the testing methods specified in the test items of a well-known domestic automobile manufacturer's parts accreditation requirements, all tests were completed before mass production. At the same time, in the third-party professional organization*1 laboratory designated by the car company, it has successfully passed more than 80 test items in seven categories. This article reveals the mystery of IP protection level test (one of more than 80).



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V&T integrated controller IPX8 waterproof test


Immerse the integrated controller in water? Yes, you are right. The two V&T brand new integrated controller prototypes in the picture are undergoing strict IPX8 waterproof test by a third-party professional laboratory designated by a well-known car company before batching. The controller is immersed in water of 1 meter deep under normal temperature and pressure for 24 hours without any harmful effects, and product performance will not be affected in any way.

After the test, the appearance was normal. Open the shell and check that there is no water ingress. The liquid protection level of V&T motor controller reaches level 8, with safe waterproof performance.


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V&T integrated controller IP6X dustproof test


The sand and dust test box is turned on (the vibrator is on, the fan operating frequency is 50Hz, and the vacuum is on), the dust concentration is 2kg/m3 talcum powder, and the dust is blown continuously for 8 hours. After the test is over, disassemble the shell to check that there is no dust infiltration inside the controller, which completely prevents foreign objects and dust from entering. The solid-state protection level of the V&T integrated controller reaches level 6 (the highest level is level 6).

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Obviously, the IP68 protection level of V&T integrated controller is not for "gimmicks", but to effectively enhance the protection safety, and the high protection level can better protect the safety and normal use of the vehicle.

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In recent years, V&T has won customer recognition by virtue of its technological advantages and has become a leader in the industry.


In the future, V&T will continue to increase scientific and technological research and development, pay attention to product safety and quality, continuously improve product competitiveness, create value and benefits for customers, and contribute to the construction of a safe, green and environmentally friendly travel and transportation environment for the society!


*1This test was completed by a third-party testing agency designated by the vehicle manufacturer. The technical capability of this institution has been recognized and authorized by many domestic and foreign authoritative institutions and organizations, passed the accreditation laboratory (CNAS) of the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment, obtained the qualification accreditation (CMA) of inspection and testing institutions, and issued certificates and reports with International credibility.


⬛ For V&T ( Part of Electric Vehicle Motor Controller )

Founded in 2006, V&T is a well-known supplier of industrial automation control and new energy vehicle motor controllers, also a national high-tech enterprise. Headquartered in Shenzhen, it was successfully listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange's Growth Enterprise Market in 2016 (stock code: 300484).


The company has more than ten years of technology accumulation and rich industry application experience. It has established “Research Center of Guangdong New Energy Vehicle Drive and Control Engineering Technology”(provincial engineering center) and a post-doctoral innovation practice base. With two R & D centers in Shenzhen city and Wuxi city, It is based on independent technology research development and product innovation, keeping up with the world's advanced level. The main drive motor controller, auxiliary drive electronic control and all-in-one integrated electronic control, customized products series etc, realize the best matching of electric vehicle power system and vehicle system, also covers application requirements of commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles, special vehicles. They provide customers with excellent electric control system solutions for Battery electric vehicles, extended range vehicles, fuel cell vehicles to create more value.


The company enjoys high customer’s trust and industry reputation, and directly or indirectly serves dozens of well-known domestic new energy vehicle companies, such as FOTON, SUNWIN, DONG FENG, KING LONG, HIGER, SANY, ZOOMLION, GOLDEN DRAGON, ANKAI, XCMG MACHINERY, SKYWELL, CAMC, SHAANXI AUTOMOBILE etc.

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