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V&T Electric vehicle motor controller


In China's first design, production and sale of "Electrical Multi-in-One Integrated Products“ by V&T company ,and it has become the mainstream of EV market. 

■ Rich and complete product line, including main drive controller, auxiliary drive controller, integrated controller and power-train assembly system; power coverage range 3kw-280kw; 

■ Match permanent magnet synchronous motor, asynchronous motor, etc. 

■ In terms of product performance, reliability, service life and safety protection, it is in the leading position of  the industry. 

■ Good cost advantage; 

■ Rapid response to customization requirements: Due to unified & modular software, hardware platform and rich design, application experience, to provide protection for product development; 

■ Widely used in new energy passenger cars, commercial vehicles, truck, special-purpose vehicle, etc. 

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Single drive motor controller

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Multi-in-one drive motor controller

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