Use of stepping motor on 3D printer

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-16
With the rapid development of science and technology, people's lives have gradually undergone earth-shaking changes, stepping motors have been widely used. In recent years, printers have become popular. For this kind of printer, ruite electromechanical company has matched 42 stepping motors produced by the company. Printing is actually a way of printing, but it is only a new type. To put it bluntly, it is a technology made of additives. Materials fall continuously and regularly, so as to form a three-dimensional object. Academically, we call this process rapid prototyping, through which we can build the final physical products and prototypes we need, the printer is a computer-aided design program that scans data from 3D images and animation software and opens the final product to become a physical model that can be used for all of us. The precision requirements and control requirements of the printer are very high, and it is necessary to adopt stepping motors, because the advantages of ultra-high level precision control of stepping motor can completely ensure the required precision in stopping and rotating direction, thus ensuring the accuracy of rapid prototype design of products. The computer file is read out, and then a three-dimensional printer is used to work with a stepping motor by slicing the prototype through each person's cross section through a series of scans, create a 3D object by printing each slice at the top of a prototype. The advantages of the rapid prototyping machine are ensured. This kind of rapid prototyping has many advantages that are widely recognized by everyone, but most of the printers we see on the market now use two-phase 42mm stepping motors, the printer is composed of X, Y, E and X axes. This requires the length of the motor body. Is used on the E axis, Z axis needs x axis and y axis needs stepping motor, generally speaking, it will be matched with a screw rod for external driving, if the length of the screw rod is about 300, dongmochuan's 42 stepping motors specifically for the 3D printing industry have 42HS02, and 42HS03, 42HS05 torque is also from 0. 36-0. 50 (N. M) The positioning requires very high precision, high output torque, very high response frequency, low operating noise and good dynamic characteristics, which have many advantages. TAG stepper motor
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