Use of stepping motor

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-14
The use of stepping motors with the continuous development of automatic control systems and computing devices, stepping motors have produced a variety of low-power motors with special performance on the basis of ordinary rotating motors, they are respectively used as executive components, detection components and computational components in automatic control systems and computing devices. These motors are collectively referred to as control motors. Obviously, from the basic principle of electromagnetic induction, there is no essential difference between the control motor and the ordinary rotating motor, but the ordinary rotating motor focuses on the requirements of the force and energy indexes of the starting and running states, the control motor focuses on high precision and speed of characteristics. All kinds of control motors are almost a cylinder from their appearance, with a rotating shaft in the middle, which is generally small in volume, so the control motor is a micro motor. Judging from the tasks they have completed, various control motors are different. Some are used to drive the mechanism movement in the automatic control system, some are used to measure the mechanical rotation angle or rotation speed, and some can perform trigonometric function operation, some can be used for various control motors such as integral or differential operations. Although the functions are different, they can be basically divided into two categories: signal components and power components. Everything used to convert signals is a signal element, also known as a measuring element; Anyone who converts signals into output power or electrical energy into mechanical energy is a power element, also known as an executive element. If classified by power supply, the control motor has DC and AC stepping motors, which are controlled by electric pulse signals and convert the electric pulse signals into corresponding angular displacements (Or linear displacement)The kind of control motor. Stepping motor is also called Pulse Electric. Generally, the motor rotates continuously, while the stepping motor rotates step by step. It supplies electric pulse from special power supply. For each input of an electric pulse signal, the motor turns over the angle, as shown in Figure 1-1. The stepping motor can also directly output linear displacement. For every electrical pulse signal input, the motor takes a linear distance. It can be regarded as a special operation mode of synchronous motor TAG stepping, motor, motor use
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