USB stepper motor driver

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-23
USB stepper motor driver, in this project, we will use the USB interface of PC computer to drive a single unipolar stepper motor M35SP-8 (5 lines). This project is the application of USB interface circuit PIC18F4550 released here in the past. You can also run other stepping motors. It is very easy to manufacture, we will use PIC18F4550 single chip microcomputer, which has built-in USB (USB 2. 0) Function, which can be connected to any computer with USB port and Windows OS. We will try our best to provide as many details as possible to realize this project. Old method: traditional (OLD)The method is to use a parallel port (DB 9) , It is much easier to use simple port control commands. With simple port control commands, only few led signals directly connected to parallel port COMM pins can be emitted. The cycle written in VB can easily generate flashing LED pulses for stepping motors. USB: However, laptops and portable computers no longer have those large D9 (Parallel or printer) Port, because USB port- Due to its excellent characteristics and small size, it has replaced almost all external devices. Compared with the old parallel port method, the USB interface of this project will become less complicated. PIC18F4550 USB microcontroller used as communication channel between computer and stepper motor PIC18F4550 microcontroller can be used at two USB speeds of 12Mbps (Full speed)And 1. 2Mbps (Low speed)Work. For our project, we will be at full speed (12 Mpbs)Run this microcontroller board. The PIC18F2550 can complete the project without any changes, but since the 18F4550 has more pins (40 pins, 20 pins on each side), So we will continue. PIC18F4550 is much cheaper than Arduino development board. In fact, the cost of stepping motors is higher than the cost of the entire circuit board and components used. Stepping Motor, the stepping motor used here is a 5-wire stepping motor (M35SP-8), Which will be written by an application written in C (Visual Studio) Operation, the application program will communicate with the microcontroller board through USB, and the microcontroller will drive the connected motor to use it according to the output indicated by the software written by C. The entire project and its required project files with schematic diagrams can be found at the end of this page. M35SP-8 The stepping angle of the stepping motor is 7. 5 degrees, each coil is connected with a Common line and 4 control lines. Therefore, we only need 4 control links to generate pulses that will drive the stepping motor. For MS35SP- 8 for specification information, please refer to the corresponding data sheet. Stepping motor wiring, the following figure shows the label of the stepping motor used for this project. If you want to use other stepping motors, you must follow the wiring labels of the corresponding stepping motors. Running other stepper motors, the USB interface board we use here has 6 control pins, which means you can use this board to control 6 LEDs (Example). Among them, only 4 pins are needed to control our M35SP-8 stepper motors, the remaining 2 will not be used. However, you can also run more stepping motors. Since we have 6 control lines, we can easily modify the project to run other stepping motors. Any stepper motor has a common ground wire and the rest is a control wire, so technically, with this USB interface board, you can easily run 5-wire, 6-wire and 7-wire stepper motors (6 controls and 1 common power supply). Tag usb stepper motor driver
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