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Ultra-long battery life , XCMG Automotive battery electric mining dump trucks start in batches!


A few days ago, with equipped with V&T motor controllers, XCMG heavy truck battery electric mining dump trucks were officially sent to the southwest mines in batches. The total order amount is about 16 million yuan. It meets the special needs of mining customers for product performance and various complex working conditions. let the concept of "green mines" go one step further.


The battery electric mining dump truck continues the unique advantages of XCMG heavy truck fuel type mining truck. The high-strength cargo box, composite girder, and integrated body have super load capacity. The gear self-learning and power-off self-learning can effectively eliminate deviations caused by wear of the gearbox after long-term use. It makes shifting more accurate and smooth.


During the whole life cycle, the car does not need to recalibrate the software under various conditions such as flat ground, uphill and downhill, wading, etc., With safe and reliable vehicle performance, adjustable air cushion seat, high toughness and durable leaf spring, wide field of vision, the vehicles have entirely improved the comfort of driving.

 battery electric mining dump trucks are more unique in energy saving, environmental protection, clean and low noise characteristics. The unique motor braking system has an energy recovery rate of more than 10%, and the system efficiency is greater than 80% in the high efficiency zone under full operating conditions. The vehicle uses more advanced control logic to optimize the overall efficiency of motors, gearboxes, and batteries, and saves more than 5% energy than similar products. For repeated operation routes, it optimizes energy distribution and shift points by collecting large data on vehicle dynamics. The energy saving effect is more obvious.


For the key points of many new energy products such as battery life and power, XCMG heavy truck's battery electric mining dump trucks have performed more robustly. With a safe and efficient lithium iron phosphate battery, the truck has a super-large configuration of nearly 200 kW.h power, supplemented by precise control strategies. The vehicle has excellent endurance. The starting torque is up to 18000N.m, and the acceleration time from 0 to 50 km / h is less than 20 seconds. The dual intermediate shaft 7-speed gearbox has passed the rigorous test of a 100-ton mine truck. It has less heat, high efficiency, and simple structure. According to different slopes and vehicle weights, the vehicle automatically selects the appropriate gear to ensure sufficient torque. the comprehensive gradient exceeds 45%, and the vehicle's gradient is still greater than 30% under heavy and full load conditions, which can easily handle the complex geographical conditions of the mine.

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Since V&T provided the electronic control package for the “Ten Cities, Thousand Vehicles” New Energy Vehicle Promotion and Application Demonstration Project in 2009, it has accompanied the development of China's new energy vehicle industry for more than a decade and has achieved remarkable achievements. Among them, in terms of new energy heavy truck electric vehicles, V&T has accumulated rich experience and provided a large number of supporting facilities for heavy trucks such as XCMG, FAW, Dongfeng, Dayun, Valin, Sany, Shaanxi Automobile, and Kaiwo.

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