Types and composition of ruite stepping motors

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-01
Types and composition structure of ruite stepping motors ruite stepping motors are usually divided into three categories according to excitation methods: 1) Reactive stepping motor: The rotor is made of soft magnetic material, has no winding, has small teeth on the stator and rotor, and has small step distance. The most widely used. 2) Permanent magnet stepping motor: The rotor is made of permanent magnet material, the number of poles of the rotor = the number of poles of each phase stator, no small teeth, large step angle and large torque 3)Inductive sub-type (Hybrid) Stepping Motor: The rotor is permanent magnet type, two sections, small teeth, mixed reaction type and permanent magnet type. Advantages: large torque, good dynamic performance and small step angle. But the structure is complex and the cost is high. Stepping Motor structure, figure 1 reactive stepping motor characteristics 1)Stator and rotor open small teeth 2)The stator and rotor are all soft magnetic materials 3) The small step stepping motor is mainly composed of two parts: stator and rotor. They are all made of magnetic materials with six and four magnetic poles respectively. There are control windings on the six magnetic poles of the stator, and the two opposite magnetic poles form a phase. Note: In the phase and three-phase alternating current Here'Phase'The concept is different. The stepping machine is connected with DC pulses, which mainly refers to the difference between the connection of lines and the number of groups. Permanent magnet stepping motor structure, feature 1)The rotor magnetic pole is made of permanent magnet material 2)The number of stator phases per pole is equal to the number of rotor poles 3) Don't open small teeth Big Step moment, big torque hybrid stepper motor (Hybrid) Structure, characteristics: Rotor permanent magnet, two poles, stator and rotor are all small teeth, mixing the advantages of the two. The above is the introduction and composition of the three major types of stepping motors. For more questions about stepping motors, please consult the company's customer service! Related reading: What are the reasons for the inaccurate position of the stepping motor? Compared with the traditional motor TAG stepping motor structure
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