Transformer frequently caused the explosion in where?

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-08
The focus on figure 1 xi 'an substation explosion accident scene zero point about 20 minutes in the morning, June 18, 2016, is located in south of xian changan district was a substation. Within two kilometers near the visible light and accompany them in xi 'an area of a power outage, it is reported that three people injured. The explosion accident caused the social from all walks of life to transformer explosion risk of widespread attention. Why converter transformer explosion is a kind of using the electromagnetic induction principle, the ac power into different parameters such as voltage and current of power equipment. The oil-immersed transformer, the core and winding together into the fuel tank filled with insulating oil, to strengthen the insulation and improving cooling cooling conditions. When there is serious overload, short circuit, transformer internal insulation damage failure, such as insulating oil by high temperature or arcing, thermal decomposition of hydrocarbon gas mixture, the transformer internal pressure rising sharply, and then lead to the structure of the transformer tank damage ( Primary transformer explosion) 。 After the explosion, the primary transformer insulation oil, mixed gas and oil mist through the transformer tank rupture mouth to release. Insulating oil leakage from the transformer, the ground form a liquid pool, pool fire is lit. And when the leak air mixed gas and oil mist and pyrolysis products blend to ignite, secondary explosions occurred. When these conditions occur in an airtight or congestion area, may result in a very strong explosion, and pose a threat to personnel and equipment, brings to the society and economy loss. Figure 2 transformer explosion accident site explosion process introduces primary explosive figure 3 transformer and transformer oil filled in short circuit or electric transformer and high voltage equipment oil charge high voltage equipment in short circuit or electric arc, high temperature and arc will lead to a large number of thermal decomposition and generate oil hydrocarbon gas mixture. Figure 4 transformer tank structure damage ( Primary transformer explosion) Figure 5 liquid insulating oil, oil and gas electrolytic product through the transformer tank mouth to violent bursting secondary explosions insulating oil leakage from the transformer and lighting, pool fire occurred; Gaseous electrolytic products and leakage of oil mist and air mixture, and ignited after secondary explosions. Figure 6 transformer secondary explosions and pool fire scene graph 7 reasonable pressure and anti-explosion measures to reduce transformer explosion consequences above is the analysis of transformer explosion, then let us analysis the substation fault often appear. Mainly includes the current effect caused by fever and voltage effect caused by fever. When electric power equipment defect or fault, the temperature of the defect or failure parts will produce abnormal changes. That cause the device's local fever, assuming that failed to timely discover and timely stop the development of these hidden danger, will eventually lead to equipment failure or accident, serious accident will expand into power grid. Power equipment heat failure basically can be divided into two categories, namely the failure of external and internal, its basic characteristics as follows: 1) External heating failure: it takes the form of local overheating to the surrounding radiation infrared, thermal failure of various exposed joints, connecting the infrared heat maps show thermal field distribution of centering on the point of failure. So, from the heat of equipment can directly determine whether there is fault, according to temperature distribution can accurately determine the fault location and fault severity. 2) Internal fever failure: its heating process generally longer, and to stabilize the fever, and fault point contact of solid, liquid and gas, heat conduction, convection and radiation, and in this way will the heat generated by the internal fault constantly to equipment shell, thereby changing the appearance of the thermal field distribution equipment. Electric power production including electric power production in power plants and transmission and distribution. The two links of inefficient lead to the production capacity of the electric power industry is difficult to improve, accidents have occurred. The problem of production mainly concentrated on the poor infrastructure. Obsolete equipment, so the energy conversion efficiency is low, accidents often happen. In may this year, the New York fire explosion accident occurred in a nuclear power plant, the reason is the power transformer equipment obstacles, and this kind of accidents occur frequently in the United States in recent years. The cause of the problem and sound due to aging grid infrastructure, substations and other parts of the grid lack of key equipment running status monitoring automation system, so power outages and persistent low risk is increasing. Such as transformer liquid leakage or internal insulation failure can lead to overheating, causing trouble, but most of the power supply company for detecting the point of failure is not equipped with automatic thermal detection system. Whatever the cause of the problem, a major substation fault may evolve into a series of concurrent fault, the result may lead to bank facilities, security systems, manufacturing factories, food cold storage, mass communication network and traffic control system failure, there is no doubt that the relevant power supply company may incur huge revenue loss to restore system normal operation cost will increase a lot. Power supply company gradually aging infrastructure and power outages, the risk of low pressure and increasing continuously, continuously in the low pressure refers to the power supply voltage drops, so named because of low pressure often leads to the brightness of the lights dimmed, the power supply company also faces the expensive unscheduled maintenance and costs soaring.
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