Top ten inverter listed companies list of revenue/Net profit/gross profit rate in the first three quarters of 2017

by:V&T Technologies     2020-02-21
The '19th National Congress' report held in October proposed to speed up the construction of a manufacturing power, accelerate the development of advanced manufacturing, and promote the deep integration of the internet, big data, artificial intelligence and the real economy. The deep integration of the new generation of information technology and manufacturing industry will promote the profound changes of industrial products, and will also give birth to a new blue ocean. 2017 1- In September, the added value of industries above the national scale increased by 6. 5% year on year. 7%, the growth rate increased by 0. 7 and 0. 5 percentage points, a slight acceleration in steady growth. Among them, the growth rate of the added value of the manufacturing industry reached 7. 3%, faster than the overall industrial growth rate of 0. 6 percentage points. Under the general trend of favorable industry, the frequency converter also got a rapid recovery in 2017. According to the performance data of the first three quarters compiled by OFweek industrial control network, the overall development of the frequency converter is good, the revenue of the ten inverter listed companies in the first three quarters exceeded 5000 yuan, and the net profit exceeded 30% yuan, with an average gross profit margin of about. The following is a ranking based on the revenue, revenue growth, net profit, net profit growth and gross profit margin of the ten inverter listed companies in the first three quarters. Revenue and revenue growth ranking in recent years, the pace of manufacturing industry plus code intelligent manufacturing is accelerating. The revenue of ten inverter listed companies in the first three quarters of 2017 exceeded 0. 4 billion yuan, of which 5 enterprises had revenue exceeding 1 billion yuan, reach 50%. As can be seen from the above figure, Huichuan technology is 312,962. 44 million yuan in revenue topped the list, with Continental Electronics earning 280,681 yuan. 87 million yuan, new time to revenue 257,987. 410,000 yuan, ranking second and third respectively. As can be seen from the above figure, Jiuzhou Electric's revenue grew the fastest in the first three quarters, reaching 88. In 55%, yingweiteng took 58. The growth rate of 86% ranked second, with the new time reaching 38. The growth rate of 07% ranked third. In the first three quarters, the revenue of hekang Xinneng declined compared with the previous year. Hekang Xinneng said that the main reason for the decline in revenue was that the company's new energy vehicle assembly and operating industry profits decreased, but the high-voltage Inverter Product business developed steadily. 123 Next page>
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