To explore the future intelligent factory way of high efficiency and energy saving

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-20
Human and the rising cost of materials for manufacturing industry is facing great pressure, many companies racking their brains to find ways to reduce the cost of production. With deterioration of the international competitive environment, the backward production capacity will be eliminated, which can help the industry safety break through advanced automation technology are increasingly brought to the attention of the manufacturers, is a new generation of intelligent factory has become a lifeline of traditional manufacturing. Robots, however, using advanced automation technology can indeed improve the factory's production capacity of human capital, and cut but automation equipment upfront investment is huge, and a large number of automated equipment means factories need to consume more electricity. We can imagine the future of the factory will go unmanned, and gain a lot of intelligent machines, constantly working day and night production, thus saving energy and reducing consumption in future factory is very important one link. As the saying goes 'cutting expenditure', the factory in addition to technology to improve the production efficiency through automation, also have to consider how to minimize energy consumption. In order to promote the development of plant energy saving technology, OFweek industrial control network specially invited from the world's top frequency converter manufacturers 'danfoss' in the industry, senior engineer Mr Ren to share the danfoss applied to industrial production conveyor line of high efficiency and energy saving solution '( On April 23, 2014 in the morning, have access to those who participate in the online seminars 8 gu plate) , please attend! The factory there are a lot of energy-saving way, but is mainly reflected in power management of energy saving, adopt efficient motor, for example, frequency converter and intelligent energy management system. Here we see some of the most common and effective in the mills under energy conservation and lower solution method. Software automation management of energy efficiency fine water before long stream, a large number of use machine automatic production in the factory need to reasonable management machine, and this kind of work can also be through an automated software to implement the control, this is the energy efficiency management system. Energy efficiency management system through the main use is energy consumption itemized metering facilities, equipment, and then save and improve in intelligent systems. Energy efficiency management system for all kinds of use to the actual running condition of the system as a whole, to find out the key point and abnormal point of energy consumption, energy consumption of mature, reliable, practical control scheme of energy efficiency, remote control and management, and combining with the actual data, the 'control plan' of energy efficiency before fine-tuning, eventually find accord with the actual situation, reduce energy consumption of the factory as a whole. The next page> 1234
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