To drive high voltage inverter market infrastructure on a large scale construction

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-22
OFweek industrial control net news: high voltage frequency converter application field and scope also more and more big, the efficient and reasonable use of energy, Especially in electricity) Become possible. Motor is mainly in the national economy and power-hungry, high voltage power is more outstanding, and most of these devices are energy saving potential. Vigorously develop high voltage high power frequency control of motor speed technology, will be the era have entrusted to our a sacred mission, and the mission will also has the profound significance. Relevant data show that China's high voltage inverter in 2011 market size is about 7. 4 billion yuan, the market growth rate of about 17. In 2012 and 1% the size of the market negative growth of about 2%. “ Five-year & throughout; During China's environmental protection investment will reach 3. 1 trillion yuan, predicts 2015, the gross output value of energy conservation and environmental protection industry in China will be up to 5. 3 trillion yuan, equivalent to 8% ~ 10% of GDP. High voltage frequency converter as the mainstay of energy conservation and emissions reduction and vanguard, there is a huge market demand in the future. On the high voltage inverter is very broad, including electric power, metallurgy, coal, petroleum and chemical industries, including electric power, metallurgy, cement and other industrial proportion is increased year by year. In 2011, oil and gas, mining, cement and petrochemical industry covers almost 50% of the domestic high voltage inverter market scale, the cement industry market size 12. 0. 1 billion yuan, is the largest market in four industry, accounting for 16% of the market. As China's economic growth to further expand consumption, investment will continue to increase. As a result, a lot of industry factory and integrated power application requires energy saving measures. Second, the Asian OEM of power control, process, and heavy industry market opportunities is expected to bring significant growth potential for the acquisition. High voltage inverter is the indispensable part of many large automation engineering. The converter can help to maximize use of assets and to manage the energy consumption. Market participants expect, with the continuous development of local brands, gradually reduce the failure rate of products, product price/performance advantages, expand import substitution space, coupled with the global renewable energy market in transducer has a broad appreciation of space, high voltage inverter in China's potential market will remain at 120 billion ~ 180 billion yuan.
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