TMEIC high voltage inverter helps sishanling iron mine to improve reliably and efficiently

by:V&T Technologies     2020-02-23
Recently, Toshiba Mitsubishi Electric industrial system (China) TMdrive applied to mine hoists in Benxi sishanling iron mine- The debugging of MVe2 high-voltage Inverter has been successfully completed, successfully assisting the reliable and efficient operation of mine hoists and improving mining productivity. The main shaft project of sishanling iron mine of Benxi Longxin Mining Co. , Ltd. is located in the north of sishanling village, Benxi city, Liaoning province. The iron mine has built two main wells with a depth of 1500 m. In the mine construction stage, each well needs two hoists to operate at the same time, and a total of four hoists need to be installed, two of which are motor frequency conversion drive systems and the other two are motor rotor series resistance speed regulation drive systems. According to the host parameters and lifting process requirements, Toshiba Mitsubishi Electric industrial system (China) The limited company provided two TMdrive-MVe2- 2800kVA/10kV special inverter for hoist. TMdrive- MVe2 is the latest high voltage inverter product introduced by the company in the global market, covering 3kV- 11kV voltage level, product single unit capacity covers 180kVA- 5000kVA power section, excellent performance, reliable quality, small size, high efficiency, suitable for asynchronous motors, high-speed synchronous motors and low-speed synchronous motors (That is, the application of low-speed direct connection) It is a special high-voltage Inverter Product for hoists with extremely high cost performance. On-site installation and commissioning began on October 25, 2014 and completed with heavy load commissioning on November 6. The whole debugging has gone through several stages: no-load debugging of frequency converter, debugging of frequency converter with empty motor, debugging of frequency converter with empty drum, debugging of frequency converter with empty bucket, and heavy-load debugging. The whole debugging process is very smooth. Toshiba Mitsubishi Electric industrial system (China) Ltd. is a world-renowned supplier of electrical products and systems, with excellent electrical automation and transmission products, perfect system engineering and comprehensive service system, facing metallurgy, paper making, port machinery, mines, cement, oil and gas, petrochemical, electric power, automobiles, new energy and other industrial fields.
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