This DIY stepper motor clock is strange but wonderful

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-01
When you think you have seen every possible Arduino drive clock, another clock will appear. This kind of'DIY looks weird' The equipment is in the form of wheels with time marks and can be rotated using Arduino Micro and 5V stepping motors. Although it may not be the most accurate timer, it is an excellent way for manufacturers to explore electronic products, programming and even geometric figures. Unlike most 12-hour clocks with two or three hands, 17-year-old Instructables users'Everyone's electronics' A fixed pointer was selected to represent time at 10 minute intervals. The idea behind the clock is a circle with a circumference of 72 cm, ticking at 1 cm every 10 minutes, which means that every 72 ticking is equal to 12 hours. . . . . . TAG stepper motor
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