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The whole machine with powered on


When the frequency inverter is switched on, the action seems to be one step at a time, but have you ever thought about the information contained in this short moment?

After the inverter has the condition of power on, close the power switch.

During the normal power on in system, the status indicator light, unit indicator light and LED digital tube on the operation panel will suddenly light up. After the completion of self-inspection on frequency inverter. The sound of the contactor (relay) closing is heard. When operation panel displays 50.00, the Hz indicator is on and flashing continuously. When MON and FWD indicator are on, the whole process takes about 1 to 3 seconds.

In the meantime, 15kW and below frequency inverter (see user manual for details), fan operation after power on.

In accordance with the above state, it means that the inverter is energized normally.

The whole machine power content for you to introduce here.

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