The United States developed a graphene flexible 'super capacitor'

by:V&T Technologies     2020-02-22
Rice University in the United States has developed a flexible electric double layer capacitor (Also called super capacitor). Relevant papers have been published in ACSNANO. This electric double layer capacitor is characterized by excellent Bending resistance. The United States developed graphene flexible supercapacitors. Rice University researcher JamesTour used laser to irradiate polyimide films to form 20 μ The bubble material connected to the graphene sheet about m is used as the electrode of the electric double layer capacitor. The capacitance density is 16. 5mF/cm2, not inferior to ordinary electric double layer capacitor products. James Tour uses this material to make electric double layer capacitors. The key point is to add boric acid to the polyimide film in advance. In this way, compared with the case where no boric acid is added, the electric double layer capacitance is increased to 3 ~ 4 times, discharge capacity increased to 5 ~ 10 times. After testing, the electric double layer capacitor can maintain a capacitance of 12000 in the initial state even if it is charged and discharged 90% times. In addition, in the durability test, even if the bending and stretching were performed 8000 times, the performance was not deteriorated.
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