The stepping motor can also approach no vibration and no noise at low speed

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-16
Stepping motors can also approach vibration-free and noise-free at low speeds. Many engineers and bosses believe that stepping motors have relatively large vibration and noise at low speeds and are difficult to solve, in fact, when the stepping motor is applied at a low speed within 300R/M, it can be basically free of vibration, noise and high stability. The film and television equipment industry is an industry with very high requirements for motor vibration, noise and stability, and it is also a small industry with few related companies. The high-end equipment and spare parts in the industry are basically imported from abroad, and the low-end ones are domestically produced. For example, the electric rocker arm, in the aspect of motor control, uses DC motors at the low end, while the middle-end products, which we have contacted with several manufacturers, have not done well whether they use imported motors or domestic motors. They have never been able to balance all the parameters of vibration, noise, start-stop and stability. They have tried Motors in Japan, Switzerland and Germany, although the use effect is acceptable, it cannot achieve their ideal effect. They have also tried the motors of dozens of domestic manufacturers, and the effect can only be said to be barely usable. Therefore, these engineers who make film and television equipment do not appreciate the vibration, noise and stability of stepping motors at low speeds, which is also the epitome of some engineers we have contacted. However, the facts finally defeated the prejudice. These film and television equipment companies changed their views after we communicated and demonstrated, finally, with our help, we can also achieve the movement effect close to imported equipment in a low-cost way. In fact, there are still many products that need low-speed movement, such as medical instruments such as high-precision plunger pumps, and optical instruments such as astronomical telescopes, which also require high precision, vibration, noise stability, etc. This time, I hope that through this case, those engineers who do not know can understand that it is not the vibration, noise, stability and accuracy of the stepping motor at low speed that cannot achieve results, however, these devices can only achieve the best effect through stepping motors, but they have not chosen to match the stepping system. Stepping Motor at low speed can also approach no vibration and no noise TAG stepping, motor, motor vibration motor noise
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