The stepper motor factory teaches you how to choose a stepper motor?

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-13
The stepping motor factory teaches you how to select a stepping motor and select the torque of the stepping motor to maintain the torque of the stepping motor, which is similar to what the traditional motor calls'Power'. Of course, there are essential differences. The physical structure of stepping motor is completely different from that of AC and DC Motors. The output power of the motor is variable. Usually based on the required torque (That is, the torque of the object to be driven)Select which type of motor. Roughly speaking, the torque is less than 0. 8 Nm, select 20, 28, 35, 39, 42 ( The diameter or square of the motor, in mm); If the torque is about 1 Nm, it is more appropriate to use 57 motor. In the case of a few Nm or more torque, stepping motors with specifications of 86, 110 and 130 will be selected. The free starting frequency of a stepping motor is commonly referred to as'Empty startup frequency'. This is an important indicator for purchasing motors. If you need to start and stop immediately and frequently, and the speed is about 1000 RPM (Or higher), You usually need'Accelerate startup'. If you need to start directly to achieve high speed operation, it is best to choose reactance or permanent magnet motor. These electric motors'Empty frequency'Relatively high. TAG
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