The process of purchasing stepping motor drivers

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-01
In our life, the same item but the price is not the same, the reason is the quality gap, then the stepper motor driver is the same, the following is a brief explanation of how to judge the quality of stepping motors by Shenzhen stepping motor factory. 1. The manufacturer has strong production capacity and qualified quality inspection process, so it is necessary to have a certain understanding of the manufacturer, including the general situation of the enterprise, production environment, staff quality and so on. It is best to conduct on-the-spot investigation and verification. If you can't be present in person, you can still understand the strength of the manufacturer through various channels. 2,'Surface Time' After the completion of the stepper motor driver for sample testing is also particularly critical. Send the samples to the manufacturer or the field distribution point to see if these stepper motor drivers are satisfied with their needs. 3. After-sales service problems of manufacturers. Some manufacturers are unable to respond and solve problems within a few days after customers give feedback on problems due to shortage of manpower or other reasons. If these situations exist, then you have to consider carefully, even for some large manufacturing companies, customers are not willing to encounter disharmony. TAG
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