The problem of resonance point in stepping motor

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-12
Stepping motors have the problem of resonance points. Stepping motors all have fixed resonance regions. The resonance regions of two-phase and four-phase inductor stepping motors are generally 180-Between 250pps (Step angle 1. 8 degrees)Or around 400pps (The step angle is 0. 9 degrees) , The higher the motor driving voltage is, the greater the motor current is, the lighter the load is, and the smaller the motor volume is, the resonance region will shift upward, and vice versa, in order to make the output moment of the motor large, without losing step and reducing the noise of the whole system, the general operating point should shift more from the resonance region. 8. Motor forward and reverse rotation control: When the motor winding is electrified, the timing is AB-BC-CD-DA or ()Positive rotation, power-on timing is DA-CA-BC-AB or ()The time is reversed. Three, the drive control system, the use and control of stepping motor must be composed of ring pulse, power amplification and other control systems, its block diagram is as follows: Stepping Motor 1, pulse signal generation. Pulse signals are generally generated by single chip microcomputer or CPU, and the duty cycle of general pulse signals is 0. 3-0. About 4, the higher the motor speed, the greater the duty cycle. 2. Signal distributor (Also known as pulse distributor) Hybrid stepping motors are mainly two-phase and four-phase motors. The working modes of two-phase motors are two-phase four-beat and two-phase eight-beat. The specific distribution is as follows: two-phase four-beat is, the step angle is 1. 8 degrees; The two-phase eight-beat is, and the step angle is 0. 9 degrees. There are also two working modes for four-phase motors, four-phase four-beat is AB-BC-CD-DA-AB, step angle is 1. 8 degrees; Four-Phase eight-shot for AB-B-BC-C-CD-D-AB, (The step angle is 0. 9 degrees). 3. Power amplification power amplification is the most important part of the drive system. The torque of a stepping motor at a certain speed depends on its dynamic average current rather than quiescent current (The current on the sample is static current). The larger the average current, the greater the torque of the motor. To achieve the larger average current, the driving system needs to overcome the back EMF of the motor as much as possible. Therefore, different driving modes are adopted in different occasions. So far, there are generally the following driving modes: constant voltage, constant voltage series resistance, high and low voltage driving, constant current, subdivision, etc. In order to improve the dynamic performance of the motor as much as possible, the signal distribution and power amplification are composed of the driving power supply of the stepping motor. Note: Once the stepping motor is finalized, its performance depends on the driving power supply of the motor. The higher the rotating speed of the stepping motor, the greater the force distance, the greater the current of the motor and the higher the voltage of the driving power supply. Shenzhen ruite electromechanical Technology Co. , Ltd. is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, it is a stepping motor manufacturer integrating research and development, production and sales of stepping motor drivers, servo drivers, stepping motors, servo motors and spindle servo motors. The company's core products include servo drivers, Hybrid Stepping Motor Drivers, servo motors and stepping motor manufacturers of various stepping motors. Related reading: stepping motor industry develops rapidly in various fields. What are the requirements for stepping motor customization? TAG stepping motor, resonance problem
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