The problem of inverter controlling multiple actions-V & T

by:V&T Technologies     2019-11-15
The inverter controls two actions on the device through a changeover switch. When debugging the inverter, set the parameters according to the method of debugging parameters in vector book, then how to debug the parameters of the second action Related Motor after debugging the motor related parameters of the first action? Will the motor parameters of the first action be covered when debugging the parameters of the second action? Answer: 1, 6SE70 inverter allows up to four different motors (MDS motor parameter group)Related parameters. You set the parameters of the two action motors you need in two sets of MDS (Motor dataset)The transmission data can be used. 2. MDS Motor data group switching is through setting parameters P578 and P579 (Control Word 2 18th, 19th)To achieve. As long as you set the parameters P578 and P579, you can switch the parameters of your two action motors. 3, P578, P579 value-- P579 P578 MDS data Group 0 0 MDS1 0 1 MDS2 1 0 MDS3 1 1
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