The New Deal introduced frequency conversion industry 'shuffle' ahead of time

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-20
Thirty percent air conditioning will be eliminated as we have learned, the new standard frequency conversion air conditioning the allowable value of energy efficiency from the current three. 0 to 3. 9, that is now the primary and secondary air conditioning will automatically lower level of energy efficiency, is a secondary and tertiary, and the new level of energy efficiency in air conditioning will be more energy efficient. In addition, the new standards would be the air conditioner market admittance threshold to energy efficiency level by 5 to 3 level of energy efficiency. At present, the air-conditioning energy efficiency level is divided into one to five, and pursued 2008 air-conditioning energy efficiency standards, once implemented the new standard, will mean currently account for 30% of the total market air conditioning three, four, five, the fate of the air conditioning will not escape out of energy efficiency. In the face of the upcoming new standards, energy-intensive air-conditioning is faced with a big market pressure, & other; A clearance sales & throughout; Some stores chief introduction has quietly started, the city: & other; In & quot; 11 & quot; Completed by some type of clearance, the pressure is very big, but amid air-conditioning sales season, and energy-intensive products pricing is larger, at about 10%, so complete the clearance should be no problem. ” Merchants to accelerate processing inventory as the direct target of be hit, various air conditioning enterprise seems to be for the upcoming new standard showed great & other Calm & throughout; 。 According to understand, gree, chigo, midea, changhong and other major brands of air conditioning products, has been difficult to find four, five energy efficiency products, level 3 energy efficiency products are only occasionally to see, in the network platform energy-intensive products sort is more, but mostly concentrated in the small and medium-sized brand, this may be air conditioning enterprise collective & other; Calm & throughout; The main reason. The relevant person in charge of changhong air-conditioning told reporters: & other; While upgrading face bigger pressure, but I know we are ready to deal with, at present, we have four or five energy efficiency in air conditioning products have been discontinued, now every air conditioner is in accordance with the forthcoming new standard of design and production. ” Midea air-conditioning at present has completed the upgrading of products, enterprise manager said: & other; Facing the implementation of the national policy, we have rich experience to cope with the situation, the enterprise has to stop production is the new specifications of air conditioning. ” In addition, gree air conditioning controller introduces, distance does not meet the new targets energy-intensive air-conditioning products delisting buffer for one year, in this not short & other; Digestion phase & throughout; Inside, the possibility of a surplus product case is very low. Experts estimate that at the beginning of this year have been, with the growing popularity of the frequency conversion air conditioning, air conditioning industry will be at the end of this year to early next year for a & other; Shuffle the deck & throughout; , and new standard come on stage will & other; Shuffle period & throughout; A quarter ahead, to air conditioning enterprises to carry out a new round of & other; Wrestling & throughout; , at present, some air conditioning enterprises have embarked on the development of air conditioning products under the new standard and promotion, market share battle has start ahead of time. Some analysts pointed out that: & other; At present, the frequency conversion air conditioning market is gradually mature, and the industry standard & quot; A rising tide lifts all boats & quot; , along with the arrival of the new standards, air conditioning industry structure adjustment will further deepen, medium and high grade products sales proportion will be further improved, the traditional & quot; Price & quot; Will be turned into & quot; Technology war & quot; , and the product quality and technical content will become the enterprise whether in & quot; Shuffle period & quot; Based on the key. ” Tianjin home appliance association secretary-general of dubious think: & other; The arrival of the new standard of forecast in the fourth quarter of 2013 in the air conditioning industry into a thorough adjustment, industry market share will get reconsolidation. ”
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