The myth of ABB converter: help enterprises reduce a lot of energy consumption

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-10
There are few like motor is so important to industrial production equipment, also there are few like motor conversion of so much energy equipment. In fact, in the world of all the electricity, about two-thirds was eventually motor into mechanical energy. The vast majority of the motor is used to drive the fan, pumps and compressors. No matter whether you need, most of these devices is always at a constant speed operation, using damper or valve to control the flow of liquid or gas. As a result, they needlessly waste a great deal of energy, a large amount of carbon dioxide emissions. But the ABB inverter changed all that. ABB inverter launched in 1969, the main parameters can control motor, according to the actual need to accurately adjust the rotate speed and torque of the motor. ABB inverter adopts ABB revolutionary & other; Direct torque control ( 三联疫苗) ” Technology to the state of the motor with extremely high speed computing. In this way, it can be precise control of motor, and quickly in response to the sudden changes in the process and the load. Using the above technology, ABB inverter could significantly reduce energy consumption & ndash; — General pump, fan and the compressor power consumption can be reduced by half, and significantly improve process control. Only in 2008, has been installed using ABB low voltage frequency converter in total electricity saving of about 170 billion, enough to meet the power demand of the eu 42 million families throughout the year. In addition they also reduced by about 1. 400 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions, emissions equivalent to 35 million vehicles a year. ABB is the world's leading ac and dc low voltage frequency converter and high power medium voltage inverter suppliers, can provide power range between 100 megawatts to 100 megawatts of various frequency converter. From single-phase residential and commercial electrical inverter to drive the large all-electric drive system of natural gas liquefaction plants, to giant gearless mill drive & ndash; — These giant grinding machine is used for all kinds of mining and mineral processing plant, grinding ore and mineral into smaller particles & hellip; … In most industries and applications, ABB drive device can be used to improve energy efficiency. In fact, the inverter is a broader ABB power and automation products, systems, and a part of the solution. These products, systems and solutions can help energy-intensive industries, such as cement, metallurgy, mining, oil and gas, power generation, and pulp and paper industry more efficient use of electricity, and improve the productivity. ABB inverter in energy efficiency, increase productivity and improve the process control has achieved significant results. ABB provides the British hire investment Banks, for example, 4 sets of low voltage ac frequency converter, the bank air-conditioning systems of all kinds of pumps running at a speed of much lower than before, for customers to save as much as 90% of the energy. By reducing energy consumption, can for customers to save about $110000 a year, and 500 tons of carbon dioxide emissions a year. On KGHM, a polish copper for mine hoist in the process of transformation, ABB provides two sets of dc converter. Between the mine hoist in mining areas and the ground operation, travel up to 1053 meters, the two systems to shorten the running time of the hoist from underground to ground. The transformation to the mine production capacity increased by 15%, and successfully make KGHM extend the service life of the motor have been used for 30 years. ABB's medium voltage inverter help cane sugar factory not only has realized the power around central self, but also to the local power grid through selling excess power, to get as much as $1 million a year.
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