The most notable ten inverter automation field

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-03
Inverter is the application of frequency conversion technology and microelectronic technology, by changing the frequency and amplitude of motor power to control ac motor power transmission components. In the field of industrial automation, the important role and status, is indispensable. Next, small make up recommend ten hot style for all frequency converter ( No random particular order) 。 Siemens Sinamics high-voltage inverter GH180 Siemens brand new series of Sinamics harmonic GH180 high-voltage inverter, compact design, design of transformer and power unit can adopt a whole ark and transport, can effectively save the time for the start debugging; Frequency converter also with touch screen design, provides a more convenient field engineers, intuitive site operation and maintenance; In addition, the series inverter with CE certification ec, can more clean and undisturbed operation, system compatibility. Can be used in mining, steel, cement, electricity, water, and water treatment industries, modification and new project can use. Mitsubishi electric new economical inverter CS80 mitsubishi electric CS80 small body, 57% of the volume in mitsubishi equivalent models, the maintenance is simple, easy to operate, equipped with three kinds of suitable for different scenarios of operation panel, it is very convenient, only need through professional pin type would have had to deal with at the end of the wire insert can complete connection, its control terminal cover plate can open and close, crimping terminal convenient wiring, simple maintenance. With triangular wave function, strong excitation deceleration, PID control, renewable avoidance function and so on rich function, make CS80 can be used in textile, handling, fan, water pump, fountains, wood processing machinery and food machinery and other fields. Schneider electric royal zhuo ATV340 series inverter royal zhuo ATV340 series inverter with Ethernet and modular hardware platform two versions, a total of five dimension, 27 product model, 0. 75 - 90 kw power range, with rich interface and easy to use advanced features, save 20% space of cabinet put oneself in another's position, seamless integration of automation to help customers to shorten time to market, 15% 20% of the comprehensive cost of the machine. Can be applied to packaging, material handling, material processing, lifting, printing, textile machinery and other industries, can help users to improve the machine performance and sustainable operation capacity, simplify the architectural design, and significantly reduce the machine manufacturing cost, shorten time to market machine. ABB ACS55 series inverter ABB miniature ACS55 power transmission range of 0. 18 and 2. 2 kW, can through the dial the code switch position or PC software set parameters, using IP20 protection grade, its structure is compact, simple installation, meet the demand of daily application for automatic door, solar tracker, treadmill and security of various low power applications such as conveyor belt speed control function. With the tools of DriveConfig configuration ACS55, transmission without access to electricity. In addition, the transmission can also be used for commercial and civilian infrastructure application easily. The transmission E2000 - T6 series medium voltage inverter euromonitor transmission E2000 / T11 - T6 series is developed by euromonitor transmission/T11 type high performance vector control frequency converter, USES the advanced vector control core, the system function, it is high efficiency, high power factor, fast dynamic response, high precision, low noise, low speed large torque output, etc. At the same time has a good dynamic performance, the advantages of rich applications, can satisfy the customer higher requirements. Applies to 660/690 v, 1140 v power supply voltage level for coal, metal mine, oilfield, power plants, water plants, and other enterprises. The next page 12 >
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