The maximum energy saving effect can be obtained by using frequency converter for speed regulation

by:V&T Technologies     2019-11-16
Applying frequency conversion technology to improve feeding quality and save energy. Fan frequency conversion principle one of the biggest characteristics of the fan is that the load torque is usually proportional to the square of the rotating speed, and the shaft power is proportional to the cubic of the rotating speed. In the original design, only the inlet air volume of the fan can be controlled by changing the opening of the outlet valve, and two windproof points can be set on the chute supply duct in sections so that the air volume entering the system will not be too large. However, when the valve is closed, the wind resistance increases and the air volume cannot be adjusted widely. In addition, in the low air volume area, the shaft power reduction is not obvious, and it is not suitable for the control of air volume and wind pressure from the perspective of energy saving. The power required by the speed regulating device for speed control, but the efficiency of the speed regulating device such as valve, electromagnetic slip clutch, frequency converter, etc. is different. The higher the application efficiency, the control of the inverter is closer to the ideal curve. Therefore, the maximum energy saving effect can be obtained by using the inverter for speed regulation. The modification scheme installs a pressure sensor on the fan outlet pipe, the pressure sensor makes the detected outlet pressure as a feedback signal, and the pressure regulator gives the feedback signal from the pressure sensor and the outlet pressure value (Process given wind pressure value)Comparative calculation, according to the frequency conversion principle n = (1-S) @ 60f/p, convert the operation result into a frequency command and output it to the inverter to change the power frequency of the motor, thus changing the motor speed and adjusting the fan speed, make the outlet pressure of the fan constant on the process set value. For example, when the outlet pressure of the fan is kept at the process set value during feeding, the positive pressure in the chute is constant, just causing the material suspension to loosen, the flow rate of the material is uniform, smooth and stable in the laminar flow state, which fully meets the requirements of ultra-concentrated phase transportation. When the electrolyzer box is full, the material will not flow stably in the chute because the outlet pressure of the fan is constant.
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