The market size of deceleration stepping motor is generally on the rise

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-24
The market scale of deceleration stepping motor is generally on the rise. In recent years, with the steady development of China's economy, the market scale of deceleration stepping motor has continued to grow. As an indispensable transmission equipment in modernization, deceleration stepping motor is widely used in various fields of national economy, such as lifting and transportation, cement building materials, heavy mines, aviation, robots, etc. For the robot industry, deceleration stepping motor is a crucial application link in the industrial chain and is also the most core functional component. Thanks to the rise of the robot industry, the development of the deceleration stepper motor industry is expected to enter the fast lane; At the same time, it also promotes the development of one-energy electromechanical stepping motor reducer, gear brushless reducer and worm gear reducer in different industries. According to the forecast of the National authoritative department, from 2015 to 2018, the new demand for reducers for industrial robots in China will reach 23. In turn. 60 thousand sets, 29. 60 thousand sets, 36. 90 thousand sets and 46. Set 20 thousand. In addition, for industrial robots maintained in the domestic market, the general service life is 8 ~ After 10 years of calculation, the domestic market demand for precision reducers will exceed 1 million units in the future, and the annual market sales will exceed 10 billion yuan. At the same time, the appearance of China's macroeconomic policy effect and the continuous strengthening of infrastructure investment will surely drive the substantial increase in demand for speed reducers in metallurgy, electric power, construction machinery and other industries. To sum up, China's deceleration stepping motor industry is expected to usher in rapid development, while the demand for deceleration stepping motors in other industries is also continuously released. Related reading: the difference between stepping motor and AC servo motor, the current situation of stepping motor industry TAG deceleration stepping motor
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