The intelligent inverter industry era is about to open it

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-24
In a series of energy conservation and environmental protection policy, under the drive of green industry has become the inevitable trend of our country's industrial development. In the rapid development of power electronic technology, automatic control technology at present, the inverter industry relying on the unique energy saving and speed advantages prominence and gradually become a main developing trend of the green industry, is a major concern. “ Five-year & throughout; , energy conservation and environmental protection as the core value of the industrial economic development in our country, for the sustainable development of China's industrial direction at the same time, effective stimulating the sustainable development of industry of our country frequency converter, inverter industry in our country continue to expand the market share of the industry, and with a strong force of development has become an important basis of our country's industrial economic development. Inverter industry in our country, however, behind the rapid economic development, industry is uneven, the overall strength and scale uncompetitive, and many other potential disadvantages is also known as domestic inverter industry economic growth model of the killer. Under the background of the market, accelerate the perfect industry by trying to control the whole process of independent innovation, constantly optimize the industrial structure, to improve the ecological benefit and social benefit of industry development, to the innovation and development with a strong brand shaping actively continue to maintain high growth pattern of our inverter industry economy. The second generation of high voltage inverter IDrive2000 series, as a new type inverter product by our country enterprise independent research and development, will open a new era of inverter industry independent innovation in our country. The second generation of high voltage inverter IDrive2000 series set excellent control technology and intelligent control performance, perfect protection function such as window and an organic whole, its compact design personalized, effectively save the equipment space; 10 times than traditional technology to improve the speed of the speed tracking technology, to make it in 3 - speed stability 5s; Advanced current, voltage limit function can maximum protection to the safe operation of converter; Intelligent control performance and perfect protection function to make it widely used in thermal power, petrochemical, steel, metallurgy, cement, building materials, municipal, chemical and other industries, and can save 20% 60% of energy consumption, is a high-end intelligent transducer. At home and abroad at this stage of market uncertainty increased, the second generation of high voltage inverter IDrive2000 series the development and application of frequency converter in China will be the industry high-end towards the core driving force, its high performance and corresponds to the target market demand will open intelligent inverter industry development period in China.
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