The high voltage inverter industry great appreciation of space

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-21
High voltage frequency converter industry application is very extensive, especially in electric power, metallurgy, coal, oil and other industries and the proportion of rising year by year. The high voltage inverter industry in our country is affected by the economic cycle is small, affected by the national related policy is larger. As & other; Five-year & throughout; Appreciation of space, high voltage inverter in China market. Champ consulting electronic industry analysts pointed out that: compared with the low frequency converter market, high voltage inverter market concentration degree is higher, and the share of domestic manufacturers to more, it also reflects the thinking of market of domestic high voltage inverter in constant extension, its role in constantly to reduce technical barriers. In recent years, the industrialization of high voltage inverter market gradually in our country, the extension of industry chain and make the structure has a balanced development. Especially in the positive policy under the guidance of high voltage frequency converter technology emerge in endlessly, the high voltage inverter to enhance market competitiveness. With the continuous development of high voltage inverter in China local brand, product failure rate of shrinking domestic high voltage inverter product price advantage is obvious, the import substitution space to expand, coupled with the global renewable energy market there is a great appreciation of space in transducer, high voltage inverter in China's potential market will remain at 120 billion ~ 180 billion yuan, so the high voltage inverter industry applications will be more widely, the market will be more active, very attractive. In the future, the development of high voltage inverter in the future will be towards diversification. According to the released champ consulting - 2012 In 2016 China's high voltage inverter industry analysis and investment research report: relevant statistics show that: domestic high voltage inverter market size of more than 7 billion yuan in 2011, 2012 domestic high voltage inverter market will be negative growth of nearly 2%. Caused by the high voltage inverter market growth rate to reduce the main reason is the shrinking demand. Forecast, by the end of the 12th five-year high voltage frequency converter enterprise market scale or will reach 12. 1 billion yuan. According to the growth characteristics of high voltage inverter market in recent years, in the next few years our country high voltage inverter growth will remain above 15%.
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