The era of energy conservation and environmental protection requirements inverter industry's arm

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-17
Inverter since research and development, the frequency conversion technology in many production processes have achieved remarkable energy saving effect, & other; Five-year & throughout; Planning to energy conservation and environmental protection at the core of the industrial economic development in our country, directly to the frequency conversion industry to join a boost, frequency converter with the aid of energy conservation and environmental protection dongfeng, again raise your sail, usher in a new round of development peak! With the constant improvement of the industrial automation level, frequency converter also got a very wide range of applications, energy conservation and environmental protection at the core of the industrial economic development of our country, for the sustainable development of China's industrial direction at the same time, also in the effective drive inverter industry sustainable development in our country, the inverter industry continue to expand the market share in China, and with a strong force of development has become an important basis of our country's industrial economic development. Energy mainly used in the need to change the implementation of ac motor speed, change the drive mechanical properties to meet the requirements of production process, more on the fan and water pump applications. When the motor can only be run at the rated speed, the driving mechanical also can run at a rated speed. Adjust the process parameters when the production process requirement, only by increasing ( Reduction) System forced change flow resistance method, the motor is always in the running under the rated conditions, a waste of electricity. Such as fans, pumps and other equipment traditional speed regulation way is by adjusting export ( Or entry) Baffle and valve opening to adjust to the air and water, in addition to the electric consumption in vain, also increased the system accessories, but also increased the system failure probability. When using frequency control of motor speed, if the traffic demand decreases, and by reducing the pump or fan rotation speed can meet the requirements. Taken together, frequency converter mainly through power factor compensation and soft start two ways to achieve energy saving effect. Power factor compensation, due to the reactive power will increase the fever of line loss and equipment, combined with the low power factor resulting in a loss of active power grid, a large number of reactive power consumption line of equipment efficiency is low, waste is serious. In the use of variable frequency speed regulating device, frequency converter internal filter capacitance effect, thus reducing reactive power loss, increase the active power of power grid. Energy-saving aspects of soft start, the motor can cause serious impact to the grid, at the same time also to the requirement of grid capacity is too high, produce large current when starting and vibration when the damage to the baffle and valve, to the detriment of the service life of equipment, piping. And the use of frequency converter, soft start function makes the starting current starting from scratch, to reduce the impact of power grids and the requirement of power supply capacity, prolong the service life of the equipment and valves, thereby saving the maintenance cost of the equipment. But it is important to note that in the use of frequency converter should avoid & other; A small cart & throughout; The problem. Causes of this problem is based on the production of the design of working conditions, so that the design and installation for saving money, many places have adopted the variable frequency power is less than the motor rated power Settings. But with the development of technology, process condition change, & other; A small cart & throughout; Problems inevitably occur, causing the inverter can not run normally. As a result, the frequency conversion device during the trial, to nip in the bud, should adjust to avoid the above problems for testing in advance. In addition, the inverter used normally from 6 ~ 10 years the easy into the fault period, frequently components burn, frequent failure, protection action of fault phenomenon, the serious influence its normal operation.
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