The dynamic development of power electronics industry

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-18
In the field of new social each use electrical appliances are involved in the inverter. And power electronics device is one of the key frequency converter, that is to say, the stand or fall of power electronics device determines the advantages and disadvantages of frequency converter. Throughout the development process, this is the relationship between the nurses and win-win, mutually promote a kind of state, that is to say, power electronics device will promote the development of frequency converter, inverter and promoted the improvement of power electronics device. In the past fifty years of history, when it comes to the import of technology and products, some might argue that we are not completely & other; Si & throughout; , is take the & other; Introduction - Digestion, absorption, - Another innovation & throughout; Way, technology introduced from abroad, generally in a few years, localization rate can reach 70%, but I want to say, this is only a surface phenomenon, we can introduce the technology mostly stays in the periphery, and really involves the core of power electronic technology, the company refused to transfer abroad. China the development of power electronics research has made great progress, but compared with internationally in the field of technology development, there is the gap of the technology in our country, and factors of profit drive, power electronics industry in China has become increasingly & other; Marginalized & throughout; : in the net CA168 copyright all from all walks of life extensive demand, but are not willing to study, the imports as the antidote to solve the problem. This situation, in recent years, under the strong support of national policy to change, but the effect is still not very obvious. For a country's industrial development, we need a lot of original innovation, with the European and American developed countries, compared to 5% of the foreign technology dependence of China's foreign technology dependence is as high as 50%, it shows that on the innovation, we need to go there is still a long way. On the innovation of it, we have always advocated to establish & other; Technology innovation system of production, study and research & throughout; , but I think, in this system, also the lack of a very important link, that is, only to meet the market demand, the user wants to products, technology innovation truly meaningful and valuable. Therefore, as the downstream users of power electronics industry, the inverter enterprises for the development of China's power electronics industry out of a force, provide them with more demand information, provide more opportunities to use. When the core of the IGBT device is no longer dependent on imports, our inverter can be truly realized localization. Held in Shanghai on June 18, PCIMAsia exhibit on the meeting, we more new ideas of internationalization is revealed to see more new product design, also found that the power of the power electronics enterprises in China. Now innovation is still the first step of progress, but the direction of the reform is more significant, power electronics device has a decisive role for the inverter, and continuous innovation is a development direction of the frequency converter and motivation.
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