The demand for medium voltage inverters in various domestic industries is increasing

by:V&T Technologies     2020-02-22
In recent years, the domestic inverter industry has achieved rapid development. However, on the whole, compared with foreign products, the domestic inverter supporting industry has obvious gaps in product technology, manufacturing and design. In 2014, the sales volume of medium voltage inverters in China is expected to increase, which is due to the increasing demand for medium voltage inverters in various industries. In the Americas, especially in Latin America, the continued strength of sales in the United States and Canada will drive sales throughout the Americas. In China's high-voltage Inverter Market, domestic brands account for more than 70% in terms of brand number, but the market share is only about 24%. Although the market share of domestic brands is expanding rapidly, most of the market is still occupied by more than ten European and American brands and Japanese brands. It is expected that after 10 years, China's inverter market will gradually reach saturation, during which the annual growth rate of the market will remain above 15%. In the next five years, the demand for medium voltage inverters in various industries will lead to a completely different market for medium voltage inverters. In a challenging economic environment, it will be more important than ever to push forward these changes.
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