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The declaration of infringement of use “V&T” brand and product photos


Dear Respected V&T customers:

We found that some companies and self-employed entrepreneurs use V&T name or V&T subsidiary name to mislead customers, they are using our company information, news, product pictures to sell counterfeit products, without any permission in using similar company name and fake bank account. These behaviors have serious impact on customer benefits and infringe on V&T Company’s legal rights. For all these reasons, our company sincerely declare:

1.      Our company’s English name is:


Company official website domain: www.v-t.net.cn;    www.vectorque.com;

Any other names and domain names are fake, or any claim to be V&T related company or V&T authorized overseas sales agent’s names are fake.

2.      Our Company logo and trademark is V&T, other similar names that claims to be V&T, or other similar products names, all fake, please verify our company logo as follows:

  news-VT Technologies-The declaration of infringement of use “VT” brand and product photos-img                                               

3.      Please be sure to directly cooperate with our official sales department, and discuss with our official sales department for distributor cooperation. Our company’s employees email address:  xxxxx @v-t.net.cn; any other email address claim to be V&T employee emails are fake. Official email for consulting:  lhht@v-t.net.cn; overseas@v-t.net.cn     Company phone number for consulting: +86 755 26580810;+86 4000801199;

4.      Please kindly remind all users, beware of being deceived to avoid property damage. Any legal or economic disputes fraud by counterfeit companies, not relate to V&T Company.

5.      As for the fake behaviors, using V&T company name or Subsidiary firm name, logo, products names, images, promotion pictures or news to mislead customers. Our company reserves the right to pursue the legal responsibility of relevant parties.



Hereby declare.



April 20th, 2020

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news-The declaration of infringement of use “VT” brand and product photos-VT Technologies-img

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