The Danish danfoss company takeover wei Ken inverter

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-10
On September 12, 2014, Denmark danfoss announced to Finland Vacon ac inverter company launched a public tender offer, buy all shares. Two big companies will set up a new inverter, inverter in the market as the goal, to build global company based in northern Europe. The background of this offer for danfoss will create strategic focus on profitable growth, Vacon is very match with the vision. At present, danfoss power electronics and Vacon are important participants ac inverter business. The two companies together will get a more powerful market position. Danfoss CEONielsB company. Christiansen said: & other; We have a very clear strategic objective, namely in the company has operations in the market to occupy the absolute leading position. Vacon is a very good and innovative company, through building the new inverter business must be able to ensure the company achieve long-term strong growth. ” Vacon is a company in China, Finland, India, Italy and the United States has the capability of excellent research and development, production and supply chain of a global company, set up in 31 countries with high skill talented person's sales and service organization. Later, in addition to other global power electronic center, danfoss will locate in Finland is one of the centre of excellence for the future. Vacon President and CEOVesaLaisi said: & other; I believe that the combination of the two companies will surely will be launched into the market more competitive, innovative and attractive ac inverter products, so as to bring more benefits for consumers. Today, Vacon is better than ever, with danfoss will lead to a better future. ” Danfoss ( Danfoss) Introduction: danfoss in popularization and application of advanced manufacturing technology, and focus on energy conservation and environmental protection is known, is the refrigeration and air conditioning control, heating and water control, as well as drive control is a world leader in the field of product manufacturers and service providers. Danfoss( Danfoss) Has more than 100 countries in 4 continents with international subsidiaries and agents network, in the world has 70 factory strict quality management control, daily production of 250000 pieces of high quality products, more than 23600 employees received a good education to provide global product marketing and services. Users commitment to energy saving, comfort, safety and environmental protection, is a leading position in the industry of danfoss company a solid foundation. Wei Ken ( Vacon) Introduction: Vacon group, which was established in 1993, Finland varsa group since its establishment is the only goal for global users with high performance in the field of industrial and public facilities, high reliability of inverter products and ac drive control solutions. Today, Vacon has built a global network of market at the same time, Vacon in Finland, Vaasa city in jiangsu province, suzhou, China in the United States and Italy established facilities, advanced production base, annual production capacity of more than 650000 units.
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