The characteristics of high frequency switch power supply module

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-10
The characteristics of high frequency switch power supply module 1, high efficiency, full load range can be fully realized zero voltage zero current switch, make sure no shutoff switch tube spike, for pure sine wave current, switching loss minimum; The output rectifier voltage stress is extremely low, no reverse current. 2, small volume, converter efficiency is very high, compared with the traditional PWM switching power supply topology schema, radiator volume can be reduced by half. 3, high reliability, using the domestic leading technology optimization design, perfect alarm protection measures and selects high quality imported components with high reliability, has realized the perfect combination of low electromagnetic interference in this. 4, long service life: because of the low temperature, it can significantly delay the ageing of the components of velocity, so as to improve the product life cycle; The principle of high frequency switch power supply module has high frequency switch module USES a source PFC technology and advanced PWM control technology ( 脉宽调制) , makes the module to further improve efficiency, reduce harmonic. Module adopts ac three-phase three-wire system balance 380 vac input mode, there is no Central Line current loss. Ac input module after peak suppression circuit and EMI absorbing circuit, the whole bridge rectifier filter circuit to three-phase ac voltage rectifier for pulsating dc voltage, the high frequency PWM converter to transform high frequency square wave voltage, then the output rectifier filter circuit, a stable output voltage and current, the power grid voltage and load change feedback adjustment control pulse width modulation circuit, adjust the width of pulse width, stable output voltage and current.
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