The challenge for the parsing inverter industry development in our country

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-14
Over the past year, the weakness of the recovery of the economy is validated before surface cover up the real crisis. As the main contributor of the real economy, the industry should be the head of the revitalization of the economy. Around the world, the United States played the manufacturing & other; Return & throughout; The slogan, the eu member states is also pressing economic situation & other; Industrialization & again throughout; To reach an agreement. In contrast, domestic, support with rapid development of China's manufacturing & other; Demographic dividend & throughout; Is gradually disappear. Under the background of the economic situation domestically, China inverter industry also once again encountered Waterloo. In the past year, the vast majority of domestic and foreign manufacturers earnings have appeared different degrees of shrink. The most moving way, was once hoped & other; Strategic emerging industries & throughout; Photovoltaic industry by a bright flash evolves into the shade. Economy lingering, new changes and gaining momentum. The use of industrial robots boom has opened new space of manufacturing development, it began to become an important symbol of measuring manufacturers, industrial robots can really innovation manufacturing Labour? The growth of the economy in the future will no longer borrow by hard work, but to work with more wisdom, 4 in the face of industry. The coming of the era we how to ahead again? 3 d printing technology mature gradually, gradually the influence of the social organization form, in the future, large-scale manufacturing really personalize to production? … … Sandwiched between, we must follow the direction of national policy. Growing energy crisis makes the Chinese government pay more attention to the energy problem, an energy white paper last year, the first point is: in the efforts to build security, stability, economy and cleaning system of modern energy industry, presumably more businesses can see from this energy white paper and seize the opportunity. Urbanization is the greatest potential for expanding domestic demand, this year & other; The two sessions & throughout; Continues to emphasize the development of urbanization, National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) dominated the to promote healthy development of urbanization planning ( In 2011 ~ 2020) 'Mentioned & other; Urbanization will be pulled over the next decade 40 trillion investment & throughout; , frequency converter manufacturers also is expected to benefit from it.
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